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Bully: Movie Review

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Film Synopsis:

Bully Film Review – Bully is NOT a Christian Film!!! We ONLY list it on CFDb because it is marketed to Churches, Schools and Christians, so we wanted to put a warning out about it. Bully is marred by “politically correct pro-homosexual content”.

(Strong Warning!)

Please Read the Movieguide review.

There is a Christian film about bullying called “Race to the Finish”. 

Here is an interview about the film on Vimeo.

Watch the Film Trailer

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  1. Abe says
    03 July 12, 3:07pm

    Bully is marred by pro homosexual content? What group do you think is often the target of bullying?

  2. Annelie says
    03 July 12, 6:09pm

    We have not actually seen this so it’s hard to defend either way! You can read the Movie Guide review for more details on this. Bullying is unacceptable to any person no matter what they believe or practice, but the warning is out there for people who may be offended by the content, such as parents who are wanting to show this to their children. One of the reasons we haven’t watched this is due to the heavy language throughout which again was based on the review we read.


  3. Joe says
    12 July 12, 12:37pm

    The Movie Guide review is even worse. A review MARRED by anti-Christian hatred towards innocent children. People like the reviewer are EXACTLY the type of people that facilitate bullying against gay kids. It’s always sad to see hatred and ignorance disguised as a Christian value.

  4. Annelie says
    12 July 12, 12:47pm

    A real answer would be adults teaching children how to respect and honor ALL people, no matter who they are or what they believe. If we would see that in society, what an amazing world this would be.


  5. Shel says
    01 October 12, 10:00pm

    I haven’t yet seen this movie, but have been tryingto find out where to get my hands on it or go see it in the theatre. I agree with Joe, “It’s always sad to see hatred and ignorance disguised as a Christian value.” I cannot wait to see this movie and share it with my kids. As far as the language goes, it is out there EVERYWHERE, and I would much rather watch and discuss this information WITH my kids than think I actually have the ability to keep them sheltered from reality.

  6. Annelie says
    02 October 12, 7:39am

    We don’t show this has been released yet but you can get the book on Amazon – it’s an action plan:


  7. dan says
    26 October 12, 8:14am

    It is not hatred covered by christian value. What it is is teaching your children to love everyone and repest them. However you do not to teach them that a life style is ok in order to love them. Homosexuality is sin. Love the person and not the sin. If you can’t accept the sin part then you call it hatred. Christ loves everyone and wants the best for them.
    I also want to address something else. We should not be promoting and accepting sexual relationships with anyone under 18. Normal or homosexual relations. These things do not belong in school and the schools refusal to not allow them are causing a problem. Having the attitude that they’re going to do it anyway so we should let it go is not leadership. We are talking about children. They need adults who are going to be parents and leaders. Not adults who are just going to be they’re friends because they’re scared of being rejected by them. Why are we overlooking this? I believe it is the problem that leads to other issues in these schools. In my opinion you should keep your child out of public and even some private schools. Teach them at home or find a trust worthy place for them to learn. That way you can teach them the moral issues and problems until they are mature enough to think for themselves and can are confident in themselves.
    This is not sheltering them. It’s protecting their young minds and hearts and showing leadership.

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