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Bully’s Bane

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Bully’s Bane

Film Description:

Bully’s Bane is the story of a group of teenagers who turn to their friend, Joshua Brogan, to teach them how to defend themselves against a violent drug gang at school. When the gang turns out to be connected to a crime syndicate kingpin who Joshua’s law enforcement father and his team are after, the father and son begin working together to bring the whole operation down. While there is lots of marital arts action and gun play, the team learns that evil truly is powerless if the good are unafraid, and that some fights can only be won with the Gospel – the most powerful weapon of all!

Release Date: (DVD)August 22, 2016

Film Cast

  • Joshua Broadwater – Joshua Brogan
  • James Broadwater – James Brogan
  • Lelane Broadwater – Leilani Brogan
  • Trevon Summerville – Bobby Carter,
  • Ethan Benson – Joseph
  • Zandry Bullock – Zandry Walls
  • Dave Magee – Dave Bryant
  • Cameron Townsend – Store Clerk
  • Rob Thomas – Lieutenant Governor/Governor Mark Blackaby
  • Shawna Thomas – Second Lady/First Lady Shawna Blackaby
  • Lauren Thomas – Adriana Blackaby
  • Debbie Thompson – Suzanne Gatti (the informant)
  • Nickilos Ovard – Danson Brown
  • David Moore – David “the Farmercologist” Farmer
  • Ryoko Moore – Ryoko Farmer (Yakuza Member)
  • Donna Doerr – District Attorney
  • Te-Nia Rogers – Federal Court Stenographer
  • Garrison Gregg – Henry “Spike” Fulgham
  • Libby Cox – Sarah Fulgham
  • Sabra Temple – Sabra Turner
  • Chandler Crotchett – Louis Walls
  • Lena Harper – Lena Hampton
  • Nathanael Baugus – Nathanael
  • Lesley Mukoro – Christian Stone
  • Don Tullos – Governor Jimmy Dale Norton
  • Dwaine Slay – Donnie Hadley
  • Russ Dubose – Russell Hadley
  • Roman Kyle – Antony Bannister
  • Tim Jones – Tim Barber
  • Quade Prescott – Jimmy Atherton
  • Paul Dennis – Donnie Hadley’s Attorney
  • Nichole Jackson – Judge Nichole Brewster
  • Dora Rogers – Federal Judge
  • Steve Dodd – Mississippi State Supreme Court Chief Justice

Film Company Contact Details

Company: 82:3 Pictures Representative: James Broadwater
Phone: 601-874-5104 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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