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C. B. DeMille: The Man Who Invented Hollywood

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Film Synopsis:

Citizen Kane meets Sunset Boulevard as a creative visionary battles a tight-fisted money man and his own vices to make Biblical epics and usher in Hollywood’s Golden Age. Complications arise when his relationship with his two mistresses threatens to destroy his family.

C.B. DeMille is the story of Cecil B. DeMille, the famous Hollywood director/producer of such hits as Cleopatra, The Ten Commandments, The Greatest Show On Earth, and many others. We follow his career and life from 1913 to his death in 1959. His long-suffering wife, Constance, and his precocious daughter, Ciddy, play important parts when he is at home. Julia Faye and Jeanie Macpherson are his lovers and co-workers throughout his life. Adolph Zukor is the tight-fisted New York producer who goes from being DeMille’s chief nemesis to greatest supporter. From the awards he wins to the celebrity deaths of those he knew, DeMille’s life is filled with great vicissitudes. The story tells of how he almost lost everything due to mistakes that anyone could make and how he found his faith and the personal strength to keep his life together.

“It seems that everyone in Hollywood is either talking about Paramount’s upcoming 100th anniversary or giving out another award bearing the name of legendary director Cecil B. DeMille. Well get ready for the close-up because award-winning author and screenwriter Robert Hammond just released his latest novel entitled “C. B. DeMille: The Man Who Invented Hollywood.” In this novelization of the beginnings of director Cecil B. DeMille’s film career starting as a failed stage actor in the early 1900’s, Hammond reveals the director’s early family life in New York City, his relationship with his wife and young daughter and exposes his evident character flaws. In “C. B. DeMille: The Man Who Invented Hollywood,” the reader will discover the origins of the then burgeoning film industry and what led DeMille to leave New York for a little-known southern California town called Hollywoodland, to follow his new calling as a film director.

“Once out west, DeMille, along with Adolph Zukor and Jesse L. Lasky, form ‘Famous Players-Lasky Corporation’ later changed to ‘Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation’ the forerunner to Paramount Pictures Studios. Hammond’s lightning-paced novel highlights the great filmmaker’s Hollywood odyssey of excess, infidelity, redemption and reverence, leading to the most celebrated figure in entertainment history and the “Greatest Showman on Earth.” Hammond’s previous book, “Ready When You Are: Cecil B. DeMille’s Ten Commandments for Success” (New Way Press) was also released last month.

“C. B. DeMille: The Man Who Invented Hollywood” is already making waves in Hollywood with the adaptation of the novel. Gabrielle Evans-Fields and Brandon Pendor are already in line to produce this epic bio-pic called of course DeMille. Evans-Fields says, “C.B. DeMille is ready for his close-up.” The producers are currently in the process of attaching A-List talent to this groundbreaking endeavor that is scheduled to be released by early 2014.”

Release Date: (Theaters) 2014!

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

C. B. DeMille: The Man Who Invented Hollywood – Film Based Book by Robert Hammond

Cecil B. DeMille Move DVD Collection

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