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Camp Tough Love

Sneak Preview
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Camp Tough Love

Film Description:

Camp Tough Love – Chloe Thompson has lost her father and began hanging out with a bad crowd. Caught in a crime, she is sentenced to attend Camp Tough Love where she must prove that she has earned the Fruits of the Spirit before she will be released.

Also at the camp is an overweight bully named Jade; Savannah, a suicidal girl who just wants to be loved; Lexi, a girl who doesn’t understand that love with a boy doesn’t have to be physical; Tori, a self-imposed mute who has been cyber-bullied, and Kylee, who can’t handle the pressures of school.

Together they must solve their differences. The only way that they will succeed is if they give up and let God take control of their lives..but it won’t be easy.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

Film Cast

  • Kathryn Lovell … Chloe Thompson
  • Marie Tagbo … Tori
  • Sha Collier … Jade
  • Savannah Rang … Lexi
  • Kristin Hites … Kylee
  • Ashley Davis … Savanna
  • Shayla Blade … Carmen
  • Charlie Brown … Dr. Thorne
  • Kyle N. Nelson … Guard Jim
  • Carol Resler … Linda Thompson
  • Matt Tibbs … Guard Steve
  • Riley M’Kael … Courtney
  • Bella Garcia … Ashley
  • Hannah Sue … Megan
  • Tricia Weiss … Sarah Thompson
  • Elijah Parks … Braydon Thompson
  • Robert Kinsey … Judge
  • Michael Hostetler … the Spy
  • Brian Dickey … Officer Nairb
  • Isaac Geiger … Aaron
  • John Eicher … Maintenance Man
  • Harmoney McD … Rachael
  • Claire Elaine … the Mean Girl
  • Amy Dreibelbis … Jade’s Mother
  • Jaquiez Douglas … Jade’s Father
  • Rodger Owsley … Jade’s Uncle
  • Melanie Elizabeth … Younger Kylee
  • Dan Parks … Kylee’s Father
  • Brenda Jo Reutebuch … Carmen
  • Chris Abel … Mr. Carter
  • Jakob Speelman … Matt
  • Stephanie Skinner … Savanna’s Mother (voice)
  • Daniel Jackson … Savanna’s Father (voice)

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Jovial Giants Productions Representative: Dan Parks
Phone: Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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