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Canaan Land: The Saga of Sister Sara and Brother Gantry

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Canaan Land: The Saga of Sister Sara and Brother Gantry

Film Description:

Canaan Land: The Saga of Sister Sara and Brother Gantry – is a love story between a charismatic con man preacher, Brother Billy Gantry, who falls in love with Sister Sara Sunday, a true believer in Christ. Her love seeks to redeem Gantry, who manipulates the flock with fake miracles, including a stunt with gold dust and feathers he claims are from angels.

The film is an unapologetic look at modern televangelism based on the director’s personal experiences as a former faith healing evangelist. The theme is the difference between authentic faith that heals vs. toxic faith that hurts people.

Release Date: (DVD) 2017

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Film Cast

  • Richard Rossi – Brother Billy Gantry
  • Craig Zucchero – Binzini
  • Joseph Gonzalez – Berrick

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