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Charge Over You

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CFDb Review:

Highest recommendation on this one!  Powerful.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Film Description:

Charge Over You – College student Sarah Goodall struggles to make sense of her life, her purpose, and her faith following the death of her mother, whose illness had consumed Sarah since adolescence. Now plagued with guilt and feelings of failure, the young woman watches her own life spiral downward, and a growing relationship with the mysterious Dane only adds to Sarah’s confusion.

Once an honor student, she begins failing her classes, jeopardizing her scholarship and her future. Then, an American transfer student, Mike, takes a vested interest in Sarah and helps her rediscover what she’s counted as lost.


We HIGHLY recommend this film, but must put a Parental Warning on this one.

Recommended for 16 and older.

  • Danya Cox … Sarah Goodall
  • Dominic Deutscher … Mike
  • James Lee … Dane
  • Brenton Thwaites … Sam
  • Jacqui Hall … Dr. Lillian Boyde
  • Gabriella Di Labio … Sarah’s Mother
  • Ray Croft … Sarah’s Father
  • Aimee-Caryl Parke … Janet
  • Samantha Sword … Clare
  • Miriam Bell … Bianca
  • Conrad Lange … Ambulance Officer #1
  • Neels Grobbelaar … Ambulance Officer #2
  • Brianna Jodie Schlecht … Dead Girl
  • Natalie-Monique Le Sueur … Phone Girl
  • Julia Matthews … Science Girl
  • Lauren Delaney George … Abigail
  • Sam Hey … Minister
  • Ky Robinson … Bus Kid
  • Nicole Murray … Bus Mum
  • Frank Panday … Bus Driver
  • Tony Dunne … Homeless Man
  • Washington Sanchez Jr. … Masters Student
  • Kellan Jones … Science Lecturer
  • Dorothy Thorsen … TV Lady
  • Dean Le Petit … TV Man
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Charge Over You, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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