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Chloe’s Mountain

Sneak Preview
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Chloe’s Mountain

Film Description:

Chloe’s Mountain – There are times when life throws us into a pit of despair where we can’t see the mountain tops.

This is where Chloe is following a tragic accident that takes the lives of her parents. Chloe, a beautiful girl with an amazing gift, is struggling to find herself. Worlds collide and life-changing choices must be made. When she realizes the mountain is too steep to climb, she turns to the God who can move mountains.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

Chloe's Mountain Movie

Film Cast

  • Kenzie Mae – Chloe
  • Donna Bristol – Sharon Melton

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Inspired Productions/Star Studios Representative:
Phone: +1 530 520 4935 Fax:
Email: Contact Address: 1224 Mangrove Ave #10, Chico, CA 95926

Film Details

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