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Christmas Grace

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Film Synopsis:

Christmas Grace tells the story of two rival toy store owners competing for business over several Christmas seasons.

One of them is Gary, a young toy store owner who runs an honest business and who tries to be a good Christian witness to his customers. Things are running smoothly for Gary until his business is threatened when a much larger toy company moves to the neighborhood.

The owner of this larger company, Jim Tollman, is a ruthless businessman who will stop at nothing to grow his business and eliminate his competition. Since his most immediate competition happens to be Gary’s store, he sets his target on him.

As the story unfolds it becomes very clear that God is at work in the lives of these two men, and Gods Grace and Providence work out in ways neither of them could of imagined.

Thank you to all those who helped fund this film through Kickstarter  – They reached their goal!

Release Date: (DVD) September 23, 2014

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  • Ryan-Iver Klann – Gary
  • Tim Kaiser – Mr. Tollman
  • Rebekah Cook – Michelle
  • Ann Filippis – Susan
  • Christy Storey – Loren
  • Rich Swingle – Clerk
  • Daniel Knudsen – Worship Leader
  • Rachel Sparks – Megan
  • Terri Partyka – Executive
  • Charlene Helen Berry – Customer
  • Donna Frazier – Joline
  • Pam German – Customer
  • Liz Kaynor – Loren’s Mother
  • Joshua Knudsen – Young Group Boy
  • Lawrence Leach – Pastor
  • Connie Sonnenberg – Customer
  • Tim Torok – Delivery Man 2
  • Diane M. Leach – Female Church Member
  • Michael Brennan – Doctor
  • Kurt Hierholzer – Neil
  • Mark A. Knudsen – Executive
  • Tina Bommarito – Tollman Toys Worker
  • Patricia Lynne Cissell – Customer
  • Barbara Hierholzer – Scarlet Gerry Wiatr –
  • Customer Robin McCoy – Doctor 2
  • Paul Venditti – Tollman Toys Executive
  • Brandon Langeland – Delivery Man 1
  • Dawn Storey – Customer
  • Joey Santana – Doctor 1
  • Maggie Perna – Mrs. Tollman
  • Shirley Moon Koebbe – Tollman Toys Worker
  • Jeff Kaiser – Tollman Toys Executive
  • Haley Klann – Chrissy
  • Cynthia Harford – Customer
  • Natalie Partyka – Youth Group Girl
  • Sal Moceri – Tollman Toys Executive
  • Rachel Mazur – Youth Group Girl
Company: Bright Horizons Pictures
Contact Person: Keith Perna
Phone: 248-420-8903
Christmas Grace, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. mother hen says
    27 October 14, 11:46am

    I loved the movie !!! It teaches a good lesson about being a Christian !!

  2. Melanie says
    01 October 18, 8:09am

    Just seen this film on TV in England. Fabulous stuff. Brave, dramatic, with an engaging storyline. Well done to all concerned.

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