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Christy: The Complete Series

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CFDb Review!

One of my all time favorite series! Fabulous – each episode really makes you think about your own Christianity. Based on the novel which is somewhat based on her true life experiences in the mission field.  Recommended for Thanksgiving.

Film Synopsis:

Based on the bestseller by Catherine Marshall, “Christy” tells the story of an idealistic nineteen year old who leaves the comforts of her city home to teach school in the impoverished Appalachian community of Cutter Gap, Tennessee in 1912.

Strength, determination, and faith guide young Christy Huddleston through unforeseen difficulties, help her to gain understanding of the proud mountain people, and win her mentorship, friendship, and the love of two men.

“Kellie Martin” is Christy Huddleston in this Series!

Featuring all 20 episodes of the series.

Episodes include:

Pilot – Arriving from NC, 19 year old Christy Huddleston is overwhelmed by the beauty – and proverty – of Cutter Gap, where she must learn to teach school while learning to live and fit in with the locals.

Lost and Found – Rob Allen enters a short story writing contest, but feels remorse for not paying attention to Little Burl, who has suddenly gone missing.

Both Your Houses – Christy is horrified to learn that Opal’s baby has died due to a backwoods superstition, and Tom McHone is accused of reporting the moonshine operation to the authorities.

A Closer Walk – Christy is introduced to Polly Teague, the cove’s oldest resident, and David runs into trouble with Ault Allen.

Judgment Day – Dr. Ferrand pays a visit to Cutter Gap, and Christy receives a wagon load of donations from Asheville – including equipment to hook up a telephone line.

Eye of the Storm – In hopes of curing Becky O’Teale’s trachoma, Dr. MacNeill tries an experiment.  Meanwhile, Miss Alice disapproves of Christy’s friendship with Neil.

Amazing Grace – Miss Alice’s daughter returns from “the dead” and Theodore S. Harland arrives, apparantly to record the folklore of the cove.

The Sweetest Gift – David tries to bring a new church bell to town on his own, Christy’s father visits and the locals begin to prepare for Thanksgiving.  When Christy’s father stuffers a stroke, her mother informs her that she must return home to care for him.  Meanwhile, the Cutter Gap men prepare a surprise for the Reverend.

To Have and to Hold – As David’s sister prepares for her upcoming widding, David proposes to Christy.  Meanwhile, Christy attempts to help a teenager reconnect with her father.

The Hunt – Christy becomes jealous of David’s childhoold friend who has arrived for a visit.  Sam Houston begins a search for the great white buck.

A Man’s Reach – Rob Allen must pass a test in order to win a college scholarship, and when Christy begins spending so much time tutoring him, Zacy Spencer feels left out.

Ghost Story – Trouble ensues when Christy and her students try to disprove a superstition.  Ruby Mae is excited to learn that she’s related to a famous heroine.

Echoes – A trip to Freedom, KY, is in store for Christy and Miss Alice, and back in Cutter Gap, Neil is shocked to learn of David’s proposal to Christy.

The Lie – When John Spencer becomes smitten with Christy, Bessie Colburn jealousy spreads a malicious rumor about her.

Green Apples – After an outbreak of scarlet fever, Dr. MacNeill is forced to put the mission under quarantine.

The Hostage – A man who blames Dr. MacNeill for the death of his wife attempts to get revenge by taking Christy hostage.

Babe in the Woods – Christy finds an abandoned baby in the woods and finds herself reconsidering David’s marriage proposal which would allow her to adopt the baby.

Second Sight – All may not be as it seems for the citizens of Cutter Gap when a visiting benefactor for the mission tries to acquire land for his lumber business.

The Road Home – Christy finds herself torn between Neil and David.  Meanwhile, Margaret returns to the cove.

Check out the 2nd Series with Lauren Lee Smith” as “Christy”

Part 1: Return To Cutter Gap
Part 2: A Change of Seasons
Part 3: A New Beginning

  • Kellie Martin … Christy Huddleston (20 episodes)
  • Stewart Finlay-McLennan … Dr. Neil MacNeill (20 episodes)
  • Tyne Daly … Alice Henderson (20 episodes)
  • Randall Batinkoff … Rev. David Grantland (20 episodes)
  • Emily Schulman … Ruby Mae Morrison (20 episodes)
  • Tess Harper … Fairlight Spencer (19 episodes)
  • Bruce McKinnon … Jeb Spencer (15 episodes)
  • Andy Nichols … Little Burl Allen (14 episodes)
  • Clay Jeter … Creed Allen (14 episodes)
  • Kyle Hudgens … Sam Houston Holcombe (13 episodes)
  • Alyssa Hmielewski … Mountie O’Teale (11 episodes)
  • Frank Hoyt Taylor … Uncle Bogg (11 episodes)
  • Jenny Krochmal … Zady Spencer (10 episodes)
  • Jack Landry … Rob Allen (9 episodes)
  • Bonita Allen … Mary Allen (9 episodes)
  • Chelcie Ross … Ben Pentland (8 episodes)
  • Jeffrey Buckner Ford … Bob Allen (8 episodes)
  • LeVar Burton … Daniel Scott (7 episodes)
  • Trip Cogburn … Isaak McHone (7 episodes)
  • Kelley Clark … Becky O’Teale (6 episodes)
  • Mike Hickman … Bird’s Eye Taylor (6 episodes)
  • Annabella Price … Ida Grantland (6 episodes)
  • Sam Tyler-Wayman … John Spencer (6 episodes)
  • Roger Bright … Ault Allen (5 episodes)
  • Judy Collins … Hattie McCabe (5 episodes)
  • Jayson DeButy … Zack Holt / … (5 episodes)
  • Katie Duckett … Lulu Spencer (5 episodes)
  • Collin Wilcox Paxton … Swannie O’Teale (5 episodes)
  • Andy Stahl … Tom McHone (5 episodes)
  • Scott Michael Campbell … Lundy Taylor (4 episodes)
  • Dale Dickey … Opal McHone (4 episodes)
  • Katie Goins … Clara Spencer (3 episodes)
  • Sally Smithwick … Bessie Coburn (3 episodes)
  • Don Henderson Baker … Kyle Coburn (2 episodes)
  • Helen Bragdon … Granny Barclay (2 episodes)
  • Susan Diol … Margaret Henderson MacNeill (2 episodes)
  • Caleb Gregory … Vincent McHone (2 episodes)
  • David Lambert … Orter Ball O’Teale (2 episodes)
  • Kristin Goode … Becky Holt (2 episodes)
  • Mac Pirkle … John Holcombe (2 episodes)
  • Emily Schaeffer … Lizette Holcombe (2 episodes)
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Christy: The Complete Series, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. mother hen says
    06 May 13, 9:28am

    I love this series. I have watched the whole thing 3 times and will watch it again !!

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