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Church of Redemption

Sneak Preview
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Film Synopsis:

A young woman who seeks to find the truth about her past, a man caught between desperation and freedom and a Church whose foundation is struggling between good and evil that must face the ultimate test of God’s will.

Straddling the fence is a way of life for Pastor Charles Wallace (Roger Hunt) and his congregation. When a church member, Clara (Rhonda Dinkins) goes missing, can Pastor Wallace and his hypocritical congregation see the light, come together and bring Clara back to the one place that can help her? Can Pastor Wallace find the way to truth for his congregation?

Church of Redemption is about a church that could easily be yours. Real life situations and struggles present themselves using humor, drama and chilling moments sure to touch the heart of any viewer.

Release Date: (DVD) 2013

This Film Needs Your Help before April 30, 2013.  Indiegogo Campaign.

Church of redemption screen shot

Screen shot church of redemption

  • Roger Hunt…Pastor Wallace
  • Rhonda Dinkins…Clara
  • Michele Nichols …Rose
  • Alexander Raines…Brother Findley
  • Tammy Woods…Sister Lisa
  • Michelle Marshall…Patrice
  • Derrick Barrett…Brother Andrew
  • Elizabeth Warren…Tangela
  • Mista Martel… Young John
  • Tiara Mason…Sara
  • Tamera Pierce…Sister Tamera
  • Chuck Clark …Brother Chuck
  • Lisa Fulford…Sister Stella
  • Venis Glover…Sister Angie
  • David Hightower…Choir Member
Company: MorningStar Productions
Contact Person: Corey Dinkins
Phone: (478) 213-6005
Email: Email Contact

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