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Cleansing Rain

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Cleansing Rain

Film Description:

Cleansing Rain – Joel thinks his life is ending after the tragic death of his wife.  Little does he know it’s only just begun.  An inspiring story about an alcoholic at the end of his rope, a daughter with unwavering faith,  a best friend who doesn’t pull any punches and a church that prays.

This film was an official selection for the Faith Film Festival in 2012.

Daniel Films, in association with Brandywine Community Church, bring you this 40-minute, Independent film that may be used as a teaching tool within your small group, in conjunction with your recovery program or simply enjoyed by your family and friends. 

Cleansing Rain Screenshot

  •   Dave Cales … The Lonely Man
  •   Gina Colclazier … Beth
  •   Brenda Cupp … Grandma Brenda
  •   Donna Hurst … Grandma Donna
  •   Amy Reason … Faith
  •   Chris Reason … Joel
  •   Chris Roush … Mason
  •   Mary Solomon … Sarah
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