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Concrete Hearts

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Concrete Hearts

Film Description:

Concrete Hearts – Marty (Nathan Jacobson) a young Chicago born middle class romantic, sits in a coffee shop ignoring his girlfriend’s unfaithfulness. He meets Nicole (Isabelle Olson) a beautiful woman who catches his eye and causes him to do exactly what is happening in his relationship. Only there’s one complication, she’s a mute.

When Nicole exposes his intentions, the air thickens as a confrontation no one could have expected walks through the door. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? It’s a drama you can’t miss out on.

“Concrete Hearts,” Written and Directed by Nathan Tauch is a short film/Counseling tool that deals with the psychological perspectives and moral implications of infidelity in relationships. The film stands alone as a narrative, but becomes a five part lesson plan with the additional teaching material designed to dig deeper into the human condition.

Release Date: (DVD) 2016

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Topic: Adultery

Concrete Hearts - Christian Movie/Film Nathan Tauch - Banner

Concrete Hearts - Christian Movie/Film Nathan Tauch - Banner 2

Film Cast

  • Nathan Jacobson – Marty
  • Isabelle Olson – Nicole
  • Katie Pavao – Alice
  • Raymond Fanara – John

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Nathan Tauch Films Representative: Nathan Tauch
Phone: Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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