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Film Description:

Crackerjack – Jeff Foxworthy narrates this Southern tale that is a cross between RAISING ARIZONA and NAPOLEON DYNAMITE with a Southern twist.

Our story follows Bill “Crackerjack” Bailey IV (CJ), a lovable loser who is skilled in avoiding the responsibilities of manhood. His residence of choice is a trailer. His entrepreneurial endeavors include collecting Dinky Baby Dolls to sell online. And the only diamond that he gets near is not on the finger of his live-in girlfriend, Sherry. It is, instead, the home to CJ’s drug of choice and the last bastion of athletic play for middle-aged men: softball.

But when Sherry learns she’s pregnant and moves out to prod CJ into action, the root of CJ’s artful dodging is unearthed. It’s a leak in the Bailey gene pool- a generational curse in which a Bailey man leaves as soon as a baby is in the picture. Faced with losing his true love or confronting the curse and his impending fatherhood, CJ does what any responsible man would do- play ball…wait!…that is, any man who has not been booted out of his city softball league like CJ.

Desperate to maintain his addiction to the game, he stumbles into the comical world of church league softball, where men struggle with being lovers or fighters on the field. In this most unlikely of places, CJ meets a whimsical Obi-wan-Kenobi character, who has faced the curse and broken it. With Sherry’s delivery date drawing close, CJ must face two looming questions- will he stay or will he go? And if he chooses to stay, how will he break the curse?

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

Strong Parental Warning!

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Topic: Comedy

Crackerjack - Christian Movie/Film, Jeff Foxworthy - Screenshot

Crackerjack - Christian Movie/Film, Jeff Foxworthy - Screenshot 2

Crackerjack - Christian Movie/Film, Jeff Foxworthy - Screenshot 4

Film Cast

  • Jeff Foxworthy … Narrator
  • Wes Murphy … CJ
  • Bethany Anne Lind … Sherry Partridge
  • L. Warren Young … Paul
  • Aaron Beelner … Bucky
  • Phillip DeVona … Boomer
  • Rick Dial … Pastor Shelby
  • Rob Bouton … Ray
  • Austin McFarlane … Dodge
  • Joshua Mikel … Clay
  • Noah Gross … Tom
  • Dowd Keith … Glo
  • Lanny Donoho … Don
  • Lynne Ashe … Donna
  • Cookie Hagins … Cookie

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Representative: Camille Smith
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Film Details

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