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Creeping Things Episode One: Under Appreciated Creepers

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Creeping Things Episode One: Under Appreciated Creepers

Film Description:

In this episode of the Creeping Things wildlife exploration series, Nathan and family travel into the wilderness and encounter: speckled rattlesnakes, a mountain scorpion, a western skink lizard, a desert horned lizard, a glossy snake, spadefoot toads, and more!

They share why these creatures are often under appreciated and how people miss out on the amazing features of God’s designs and how each of these animals play a role in creation.

Nathan and family go hunting in caves, over mountains, and a on the road for a night drive to find these fascinating creatures.

Learn about God’s created creepers with a special focus on reptiles and amphibians in this new DVD series, Creeping Things.

Join amateur herpetologist and wildlife specialist, Nathan Hutcherson, with his son and daughter, as they embark on adventure after adventure, hunting down and finding these amazing creatures!

All Films in this series:

Nathan has been hunting creeping things since he was a very young boy. He has been catching, handling, studying, and photographing, creeping creatures for decades. He began teaching others about where these fascinating creatures fit in God’s creation shortly after he put his faith and trust in Christ and was born again.

Aiyana and Ian join their father, Nathan, on his many of his adventures. They’ve been helping him seek out and discover creeping things practically since birth, and never fail to bring excitement and fun to every encounter!

Release Date: January 1, 2015

Film Cast

  • Nathan Hutcherson
  • Aiyana Hutcherson
  • Ian Hutcherson
  • As Himself
  • As Herself
  • As Himself

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Creeping Things Representative: Nathan Hutcherson
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