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Cries of the Unborn (12 Angry Men and Women)

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Cries of the Unborn

Film Description:

12 Angry Men and Women – A jury deliberates over the fate of four people who allegedly kidnapped a woman to save the life of an unborn baby.  A faith-based thrilled starring multiple Academy Award and Emmy winners and nominees that weave in and out of the jury room.

’12 Angry Men and Women’ is a modern day ode to the Henry Fonda classic that offers a powerful climatic twist ending which may likely change views on the wholly important and divisive issue of abortion.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

Formerly titled, 12 Angry Men and Women

Film Cast

  • Allison Thomas Lee … Juror #7
  • Suzi Lorraine … Juror #12
  • Robert Loggia … Mr. Lation
  • Deborah Twiss … Juror #5
  • Joanne Baron … Juror #8
  • Justin Deas … Judge Soloman
  • Pamela Rivers … Julia
  • Chalet Lizette Brannan … Dana
  • Mary Apick … Juror #11
  • Evgeniya Radilova … Marina Durov
  • Shezi Sardar … James Rice
  • Dan Mason … Juror #3
  • Ken Del Vecchio … Barry
  • Daren Donofrio … Juror #10
  • Obaid Kadwani … Juror #9
  • Yaron Urbas … Juror #2
  • Andrew Gause … Devlin
  • Kirk Ponton … Juror #1
  • Alycia Cooper … Juror #6
  • Rosa Lucrezia … Katherine
  • Buck Hujabre … Juror #4
  • Mario Del Vecchio … Nicholas
  • Francine Del Vecchio … Nicholas’s Mom

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Justice for All Productions Representative:
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Film Details

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  1. Gary MacEntee says
    03 June 16, 10:16pm

    Just watched Cries of the Unborn and this movie ranks as one of the worst films I have ever watched. Labeled as a tribute to Henry Fonda’s classis is a kind way of saying this is a poor rip-off. The movie is a nothing more than a pro-life promtional film. Slow and predictable.

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