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Critical Choice

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CFDb Review!

Another great Christian film about the sacredness of marriage. This film is a call to stand firm for your marriage. This film exposes hypocrisy and sheds light on some very real issues facing separated spouses due to immigration issues.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Film Synopsis:

When Angela bided her husband a temporary goodbye, determined to embark on her graduate studies in a foreign land, she thought she had a blueprint of their future plans engraved on her palms. She believed she had it all figured out. Little did she know that the twists and turns of her future were not going to be as easy. She was definitely not prepared for the alternatives life was going to throw at her.

When Reuben set the stage for the perfect deceptive crime, carelessly playing in the devil’s trap, little did he know that the evil men do no longer trails them, but lives with them.

Emmanuel received a lucrative offer of promotion shortly after signing wedding vows with Jenny. They were less prepared to take a step that will change their lives forever. Before they all could move to the next level, they came to a crossroad where the only way forward must be revealed by taking a CRITICAL CHOICE!!!

  • Tinuke Sobola – Angela
  • Simeon Edgar – Thomas
  • Taiwo Adeniyi – Peter
  • Wole Adeyi – Pastor Marcus
  • Akinlabi Adewuyi – Rueben
  • Dola Omonira – Anita
  • Bola Bolaji – Angela’s Aunt
  • Rex Nwakamma – Pastor Sunday
  • Florence Aghedo – Pastor Sunday’s Wife
  • Soji Adedoja – Emmanuel
  • Angela Njoku – Jenny
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Critical Choice, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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