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Crusade: A March Through Time (Crusade in Jeans)

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Rating: 3.5/5 (2 votes cast)

CFDb Review:

Although not really a Christian film, very inspirational.  Makes me wonder where are the true men of bravery today?

Crusade: A March Through Time

Film Description:

Young soccer player Dolf fails to score in the European Junior Cup Championship, causing his Holland team to be eliminated. Returning home, he visits his mother’s lab as she tests a revolutionary machine that allows humans to be transported back in time. Dolf decides to travel back 12 hours to replay the match, but unknowingly sends himself back to the 13th century – the year 1212 to be exact. Saved from bandits by the beautiful Jenne, his first attempt to be transported home fails.

Dolf joins Jenne and thousands of other children on a peaceful pilgrimage known as the Children’s Crusade, led by a religious visionary, Nicolas, as they march towards the promised land of Jerusalem by way of Genoa. Finding his modern perspectives and actions both help and a hindrance with his 13th Century counterparts Dolf traverses between being viewed as a miracle messenger from God and The Devil’s disciple. Back in the present, his mother frantically works on tracking down Dolf’s location by studying historical documents to arrange another rendezvous with the transporter that can bring him home.

(This film is not really “Christian”)

This Film is also Know as “Crusade in Jeans” or “Kruistocht in spijkerbroek”

This Film is also Know as “Crusade in Jeans” or “Kruistocht in spijkerbroek”

Crusade: A March Through Time (Crusade in Jeans) Screenshot 1

Crusade: A March Through Time (Crusade in Jeans) Screenshot 2

Crusade: A March Through Time Movie

Film Cast

Actor Character Actor Character
Johnny Flynn Dolf Vega Stephanie Leonidas Jenne
Emily Watson Mary Vega Michael Culkin Anselmus
Benno Fürmann Thaddeus Ryan Winsley Vick
Jake Kedge Carolus Robert Timmins Nicholas
Luke Gell Bertho Mykola Allen Little Thies
Amy Jenkins Maria Ophelia Lovibond Isabella
Christopher Conway Francis Herbert Knaup Carlo Bennatti
Josse De Pauw Axe-Man Udo Kier Dr. Lawerence
Jan Decleir Count of Rottweil Lajos Kovács Knight Romhild

Film Contact Details

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Email: Not Available
Crusade: A March Through Time (Crusade in Jeans), 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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