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Curse of The Weed Eater

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Film Synopsis:

Damian, a 23 year old recent college dropout, is trying to figure out what his life is about. Though he is not too worried about the expectations of his family and the success of his friends, he feels the pressure mounting. He just wants to take time to figure out what he wants to do.

After his uncle decides to shut down the candy store that Damian is managing, his best friend advises him to begin a lawncare business for a while. After an event with a weed eater, Damian’s life is turned upside down. Facing the craziest time of his life, Damian finds a peace that passes all understanding, and a love like no other.

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  • Nick Boulware ~~~ Damian Ultriva
  • David Olsen ~~~ Bryan O’Brien
  • Darcy Long ~~~ Wendy Lewellen
  • Michelle Jeanmard ~~~ Shauntel Ultriva(mom)
  • Stefano Capone ~~~ James Ultriva (dad)
  • Chris Ross ~~~ Freddy Ultriva
  • Ashley Rodriguez ~~~ Irma Ultriva
  • Chelsey Garner ~~~ Lisa Arcivar
  • Mark Varnadore ~~~ Matilde Lopez
  • Jermaine Jackson ~~~ Zeddicus Francis
  • Christiana Johnson ~~~ Natalie Zielke
  • Sunday Gracia ~~~ Chuck Jones
  • Christy Price ~~~ Trish Francis
  • Kirby Gocke ~~~ Emile Jones
  • Tom Love ~~~ Uncle Gurdy Ultriva
  • Kari Bars ~~~ Wilma Peabody
  • Garrett Brenneman ~~~ Earl Peabody
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Phone: 479-926-5556
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Curse of The Weed Eater, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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