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Dangerous Calling

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Film Synopsis:

A suspense thriller set in the world of church politics.

Church politics turn deadly after a new pastor and his wife challenge a sweet widow-woman’s control of the small country church to which they have just been called.

Dangerous Calling follows the story of Pastor Evan Burke and his wife Nora as they assume leadership of First Baptist Willit Springs after the mysterious death of the previous pastor.

Eager to get to know the new pastor, Miss Pat, the church’s controlling widow-woman, invites Evan and Nora to stay with her while she has the parsonage renovated. Left alone at Miss Pat’s beautiful home in the mountains of North Georgia, Nora begins to suspect that Miss Pat’s extremely sheltered adult son, Elijah, may have had something to do with the previous pastor’s death.

They soon learn that some secrets are best left buried.

Drawing upon their experience as preacher’s kids, the Daws Brothers deliver an insider look into the sometimes frightening aspects of church politics. Although the story involves Christian characters, this is not your typical church film. Dangerous Calling is sure to keep you on the edge of the pew.

(Includes Short Film “Reading Time”)

(Parental Warning!)

  • Carrie L. Walrond … Nora Burke
  • Jackie Prucha … Miss Pat Hinton
  • Stephen Caudill … Evan Burke
  • Brandon O’Dell … Elijah Hinton
  • Dan Triandiflou … Scott Grayson
  • Sunny Williams … April
  • Frank Roberts … Pastor Wilder
  • Davina Masiarczyk … Sarah Kline
  • Trey Massey … Dan
  • Tiffany Morgan … Jan
  • Minnie Tee … Church Soloist
  • Alex Wright … Young Elijah
  • Melissa Weyn … Laura Jennings
  • Marcia Banks … Lady in town
  • Aaron Blevins … Jeffrey Perkins
Name/Company: Daws Brothers Studios
Contact Person:
Website: Film/Company Website
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Dangerous Calling, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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