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Dear Momma

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Dear Momma

Film Description:

She is not the head, but the neck on which the head stands! She is the pillar and pole of the building called “HOME.” what happens when she strays from her divine responsibility? Find out in this blockbuster- DEAR MOMMA as presented by The Living Hope Ministries!

Dear Momma is intriguing, emotional, engaging, educative, entertaining, inspiring, and suspense filled. It is not only a must watch but also a must have for reference.

Film Cast

  • Beatrice Funke Ogunmola – Maria Thomas,
  • Bose Elesinmogun – Britney Thomas,
  • Rex Nwakamma – Ken Thomas,
  • Akinlabi Adewuyi – Matthew Thomas,
  • Wole Adeyi – Mr. Allison,
  • Margaret Anenin – Laura Allison,
  • Florence Agbedo – Marrisa Jacobs,
  • Austin Onwusa – EMT 1,
  • Victor Ogunmola – EMT 2,
  • Mary Onime – Mama Iza,
  • Titi Makanjuola – Sara,
  • Atinuke Domingo – Belinda,
  • Dola Omonira – Sonia,
  • Ifeanyi Aidoo – Jennifer,
  • Calvin Lupiya  – John Cage

Film Company Contact Details

Company: The Living Hope Ministries Representative: Beatrice Funke Ogunmola
Phone: Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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  1. Victor says
    09 December 14, 11:12am

    This movie is very good; I will recommend it to every families in both the developed and developing countries. Good job to the producer and entire cast and crew.

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