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A realistic film that shows how we all grieve in different ways and how desperately we need God to help us!

Film Synopsis:

Its present day Dainesville, Tennessee, a small town in the northern part of the state. Ilene Connors (Natalie Grant) and her son Jackson (Michael Rosenbaum) live alone in their small ranch style one family home. Due the recent death of her husband, Steve Connors (Billy Dean), Ilene is forced to take care of her son by herself. Both Ilene and Jackson have been deeply affected by the tragic death of Steve.

It is Jackson though, that feels the loss the most. His father was everything to him. He is like a ship that has been set adrift, without an anchor. While driving home from the fire station late one night, Steve falls asleep at the wheel. He runs a red light, killing himself and an elderly woman. Because Steve got killed in an off-duty at fault traffic accident, he looses his pension. This leaves Ilene and her son in a dire financial position. Legal fees and settlements have drained any and all savings the family had, which has forced Ilene to go back to work.

Jackson starts skipping school and getting into trouble raising the concerns of Principal Nate Foster (Randall Franks) who intervenes but decides he will have to repeat the year. Ilene does not know where to turn but Principal Foster urges her to reach out to her father, Wyatt Johnson (Rusty Whitener). A man she has not had much contact with in many years. Eventually Jackson is sent to stay with his grandfather and the two basically meet for the first time when Wyatt comes to pick up him up. Wyatt, a widower for over twenty years, lives on a farm in a very rural part of Tennessee. He is a good man, but extremely set in his ways. At first Jackson struggles with farm life and his Grandfathers ways, eventually though, the two begin to bond. Wyatt, a Christian, uses this opportunity to minister to his Grandson. On the advice of the Principal Foster, Ilene contacts a local pastor. At first she just needs someone to talk to, however, their talks soon turn from grief counseling, to questions about the Lord and Salvation.

Jackson and Wyatt decide to go out on a one-day hunting trip, gear up and take off on horseback. After a long ride they end up at Wyatts favorite hunting spot. An accident renders Wyatt incapacitated and strands the two out in the middle of nowhere. Their survival rests on young Jacksons shoulders and he is challenged to almost his breaking point. In a moment of total dispair, and in the pouring rain, Jackson drops to knees and gives his life to Jesus. He prays for the Lord to give him the strength to overcome.


  • Natalie Grant … Ilene Connors
  • Billy Dean … Steve Connors
  • Randall Franks … Principal Nate Foster
  • Mike Rosenbaum … Jackson Connors
  • Rusty Whitener … Wyatt Johnson
  • Jeremy Jones … Tommy Mathews
Name/Company: The Gospel Music Channel – gmc
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Website: Film/Company Website
Decision, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  1. Philip Norton says
    18 January 12, 6:36pm

    I want to see this movie so bad!!

  2. Kelly says
    08 March 12, 8:59pm

    I saw this movie for sale on amazon And can’t wait to see it! Yay!

  3. larryws says
    02 September 13, 10:42am

    I want to start out by saying that all truly Christian movies are awesome regardless of any flaws they might have that would lead to negative criticism. The fact that they exalt God, proclaim the Gospel and minister to viewers in various ways make them invaluable as tools of God’s will to further His kingdom.

    I rented this movie on Amazon. I did really like it though I felt that either the editing, or directing, I’m not sure which one, made the movie seem a little choppy. the photography was great and the music was great. I was impressed by Natalie Grant’s acting skills too.

    The CFDB description above the comments gives a good overview of the storyline. So I won’t recap what the story is about. There were several things in the movie that I thought were really good:

    First of all, I really liked that Jackson’s grandfather, though at first glance you get the impression he is going to be a kind of cranky old man, treated Jackson with respect. The boy ended up not minding to help his grandfather with the farm work because it wasn’t pushed on him, and the work he accomplished was appreciated. In the same none pushy way, the grandfather told Jackson about Jesus and the Good News.

    I also liked that at the same time, God was doing a similar work in the hear of Jackson’s mom, Ilene, whose faith is rekindled when she taked the advice of Jackson’s school principal and makes an appointment with a local pastor for help with the grief issues her son and her are experiencing.

    The other thing i loved was that at the end, Jackson stops to help one of the boys who taunted him at school and beat him up. After helping the boy fix a flat, Jackson invites him to church and the Lord moves in that boy’s heart as well.

    That’s what I love to see in a Christian movie, God moving in people’s lives and saving and healing them.

  4. Jerry McBride says
    09 March 14, 11:01am

    “Lord give me strength, I can’t do it alone”. I cried like a baby.

    Good family movie, great lessons on life. A must see.

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