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CFDb Interview!

CFDb Interviews Brad Stine.

Film Synopsis:

Alice Barnett (Susan O’Gara “Daniel’s Lot”) considers herself a good Christian woman, having obeyed the Ten Commandments all her life. Her 40 year old son, Donny (Scott Frisbie) loves her, but he lives a town away and his time is much occupied with his growing family.

So Alice is lonely. Her loneliness is intensified when she hears her pastor, Tom Eaton (Brent Bickhart) and a TV Evangelist, pastor Malachi, (Brad Stine “Christmas with a Capital C”) delivers disturbing messages about the Rapture. She begins to doubt if she would be left to deal with a world overrun by heathen during the time of tribulation foretold in the Bible. When she believes the event has happened, she finds an “escape clause” in a Bible passage from the book of Revelation, and undertakes a frantic attempt to insure that she will be among the saved.

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  • Susan O’Gara … Alice Barnett
  • Brad Stine … Pastor Malachi
  • Brent Bickhart … Pastor Tom Eaton
  • Scott Frisbie … Donny Barnett
  • Ashlin Miller … Ashlin Barnett
  • De Miller … Sgt. Ron Miller
  • Olivia Miller … Olivia Barnett
  • Katy Furnas … Carol Barnett
  • Christine Canada Newton … Officer Cindy Crew
  • David Nelson … Officer Don Jones
  • Jeff Wise … David White
  • Ginny Leonard … Elizabeth Stewart
  • Phyllis J. Chapman … Annabell Carson
  • Victoria Spradlin … Tori White
  • Jett Furnas … Jett Barnett
  • Kayli Keppel … Young Alice Barnett
  • Brett Robinson … Young Fred Barnett
Company: Lazarus Filmworks
Contact Person: De Miller
Phone: 352-735-1359
Email: Email Contact

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