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Dirk and the Devil

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Film Synopsis:

With the love of his life left comatose after being struck by a drunk driver, Dirk Foster screams at God in an angry rage. “Give me the guy who did this to her. Just let me have him for five minutes.”

That night, while Dirk is sitting at home alone, something unimaginable happens. A man drops out of nowhere, and lands unconscious on the floor right in front of him!

Stunned at first, and unable to come up with any possible explanation – Dirk panics, and drags the man across the room and duct tapes him to the radiator.

At first the mystery man claims to be Ted, a cable TV repairman. He insists that Dirk, in a drunken stupor, clubbed him over the head and dragged him into his apartment. But none of this makes any sense. The only possible explanation in Dirk’s mind is that God made good on his angry prayer, and that Ted is none other than the drunk driver he so desperately wanted to get his hands on. Or so he thought. Now that he’s here, what’s he supposed to do?

With the help of a new friend, Dirk starts to put the pieces together. And before long, he’s sure he’s found the simple truth. Ted is not a cable TV repairman. Ted’s not a man at all. He’s the Devil himself, and Dirk has him duct taped to a radiator!

Projected Budget: $2.5 Million

For more information, contact:
Michael Walker, President
Cloud Ten Pictures
(905) 684-5561

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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Company: Cloud Ten Pictures
Contact Person:
Phone: 1-888-684-5561
Fax: 905-684-7946
Email: Email Contact
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  1. CFDb says
    14 November 10, 7:48am

    I don’t think this film will be made, looks like it’s on the back burner.

  2. Blair says
    02 January 12, 12:52am

    I really hope they decide to make the movie. I think a lot of people would be interested in seeing it.

  3. M says
    10 December 13, 10:38pm

    Sounds interesting.

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