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Film Description:

The central character of this film is a small innocent girl named Dolma who wrote a secret letter to God, and wants to deliver it; however, she has a problem. She does not know the address of God. She sets out to find God’s address, first approaching her family members. Her busy mom insists that she should finish her homework and concentrate on school rather than this kind of unnecessary conversation. Her father orders her to pay attention to her mother’s advice. Grandfather advises her to work on her goodness before she can even think of sending a letter to God. Sister totally ignores her.

Distracted by the letter and her desire to send the letter to God, she misses her school bus. She is disappointed and now has a whole day to think about what to do with the letter. She meets a Muslim mullah, a Buddhist monk and a Church pastor. They all fail to give her God’s address. Her patience gives away. She breaks into crying. And then, the story reaches its climax. Does she ever deliver her letter to God? To find out about this, you need to watch the film.

Release Date: (Online) November 10, 2012!

Film Cast

  • Daden … Dolma
  • Kelsand … Mother
  • Rinchen Tashi … Father / Monk
  • Sonam Wangdu … Muslim Priest
  • Samdup … Grandfather
  • Choesang … Sister
  • Puhuntsok … Pastor

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Shepherd India Representative: Jim Sanjay
Phone: 7845023234 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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