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Chosen (Doonby)

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Rating: 4.3/5 (4 votes cast)

CFDb Review!

WOW! What a film! This is one you DO NOT want to miss and this is one that you can show Christians or non-Christians. It really makes you think, has a great twist. We were privileged to view this at the Pan Pacific Film Festival.  Check out the CFDb interview with Joe Estevez & Check out the CFDb Movie Review.  Recent interview with Jenn Gotzon and  John Schneider.

Chosen (Formerly titled, ‘Doonby’)

Film Description:

Sam Doonby, a mysterious, handsome drifter gets off a Greyhound bus in a small Texas town and finds work at Leroy’s Country/Blues Bar where his great musical talents make him very popular, especially with Laura, the beautiful but spoiled daughter of successful doctor Cyrus Reaper.

Sam always seems to be in the right place at the right time to avert disasters befalling the town and its people until suspicion and jealousy drive folks to ask who he is and where he comes from. Even Laura starts to question him so now he disappears as quickly as he came and things start to go badly wrong. His rejection results in terrible shocks for the whole town, not least for the doctor and his family as Cyrus’ past comes back to haunt him.


Doonby 1

Doonby 2

Film Cast

  • John Schneider ~~~ Sam Doonby
  • Ernie Hudson ~~~ Leroy
  • Jenn Gotzon ~~~ Laura Reaper
  • Robert Davi ~~~ Sheriff Woodley
  • Joe Estevez ~~~ Cyrus
  • Jennifer O’Neill ~~~ Barbara Ann
  • Will Wallace ~~~ Tony
  • Brandi Blevins ~~~ Jolene
  • Erin Way ~~~ Lucy Mae
  • Jeff Fenter ~~~ Brad
  • Jolyn Janis ~~~ Lisa
  • Tom Lagleder ~~~ Justin
  • Lizabeth Waters ~~~ Jessica Gordon
  • Matthew Tompkins ~~~ Charlie
  • Pierre Kennel ~~~ Duane

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Green Apple Entertainment Inc. Representative: Tim Warren
Phone: (561) 218-4703 Fax:
Email: Contact Address: 5111 Sabal Gardens Lane, Suite 1, Boca Raton, FL 33487

Film Details

Chosen (Doonby), 4.3 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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  1. Kathy says
    18 July 13, 11:45pm

    Please tell me where I can see this movie!! I keep reading all about it and have tried numerous sites to no avail. Are we ever going to be able to see this wonderful looking movie???

  2. Annelie says
    19 July 13, 10:45am

    Should be in the fall, that’s the last I heard.


  3. Bryan Bueno says
    01 November 13, 4:11pm

    This movie is a such catchy that I want to see this.. Its pretty interesting that all because of the one person
    things are changing.. I want to learn more about what is the reason why he showed up…

  4. Cindy Walker says
    04 March 14, 9:34pm

    I want to buy the DVD “Doonby”. I need to know where I can get this movie.

  5. CFDb says
    05 March 14, 4:37am

    This film is not for sale yet, sorry. We will list it here when it is.

  6. Larry says
    31 May 14, 10:05pm

    its on netflix now

  7. Annelie says
    01 June 14, 5:55am

    On streaming – just added the link – thanks for letting us know.


  8. Patsy says
    17 June 14, 4:19pm

    I watched this movie on Netflix this weekend. Absolutely powerful message at the end. It shows how important every unborn baby is!

  9. 07 July 14, 7:47pm

    The “Doonby” is now available on DVD for pre-order and will be released on 7/15! ( – LIKE the fan page: (

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