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The Dovekeepers: Miniseries

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CFDb Review:

Although well made, this film revolves around adulterous relationships and a lot of sensuality and very little God.  Glad we could fast forward through those offensive scenes.  We did like the 2nd half better and it really makes me want to know more about Masada.

The Dovekeepers: Miniseries

Film Description:

The Dovekeepers: Miniseries – Based in Alice Hoffman’s historical novel about the Siege of Masada, the miniseries focuses on four extraordinary women whose lives intersect in a fight for survival at the siege of Masada.

The Dovekeepers is an historical series with religious overtones. The Dovekeepers is a four-hour miniseries based in Alice Hoffman’s historical novel about the Siege of Masada, and it will air on CBS in 2015. The mini will focus on “four extraordinary women whose lives intersect in a fight for survival at the siege of Masada,” according to CBS. Masada is the mountaintop fortress near the Dead Sea where the Romans found the last pocket of resistance after they conquered Jerusalem in 70 CE.

“We felt [the book] was best served if the screenplay came through the heart of a strong woman and Peacock is such a woman,” Downey said in a phone interview. “I met her right before Christmas; she came to our house in Malibu and I sat down with her and she clearly loved the book. Her book had Post-its sticking out from a hundred different pages where she’d lovingly made notes. She said whether she was brought on board or not, she was forever changed from having read the book and I was elated, because I could not put this book down when I first read it. I was like a woman who had fallen in love — I was hungry, turning pages, staying up later than I should have, in the absence of being able to pick it up the next day missing the book. When I was finished I missed the characters, longed for the characters – they got under my skin”.

“To meet a writer of the quality of Ann Peacock, and the experience of Ann Peacock, and discover she shared the same passion — it became a no-brainer she was the one to create this,”Downey said.

Release Date: (DVD/Blu-ray) July 14, 2015


(Strong Parental Warning!)

(This is NOT Really a Christian Film, but Jewish!)

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The Dovekeepers: TV Miniseries - Christian Movie/Film - DVD/Blu-ray - CFDb

The Dovekeepers: TV Miniseries - Christian Movie/Film - Banner

The Dovekeepers: TV Miniseries - Christian Movie/Film Alice Hoffman

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s faith-based CBS miniseries is based on Alice Hoffman’s acclaimed novel, which is set in ancient Israel

The Dovekeepers: Miniseries

Sneaky sneak peek at Yael and Ben Simon (Luke Roberts) brought to you by Day 9 of #TheDovekeepers!

Film Cast

  • Maia Laura Attard … Young Yael
  • Andre Agius … Adir
  • Jonas Armstrong … Yoav
  • Diego Boneta … Amram
  • Rachel Brosnahan … Yael
  • Manuel Cauchi … Joseph Bar Elhanan
  • Andrei Claude … Sa’ adallos
  • Cote de Pablo … Shirah
  • Mido Hamada … Eleazar Ben Ya’ir
  • Sam Hazeldine … Flavius
  • Andrew Hillsden … Roman soldier
  • Diarmaid Murtagh … The Slave
  • Sam Neill … Josephus
  • Fiona O’Shaughnessy … Offered Channa
  • Jovan Pisani … Amrams’ Double
  • Kathryn Prescott … Aziza
  • Zébulon Simoneau … Uri
  • Kenneth Spiteri … Claudius
  • Raicho Vasilev … Ben’s friend
  • Aimée Vassallo … Young Aziza
  • Yuric Allison … Warrior
  • Aleksa Bundalo … Young Amram
  • Marama Corlett … Sia
  • Luke Roberts … Jachim Ben Simon
  • Jonathan Cuschieri … Masada

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Film Details

The Dovekeepers: Miniseries, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Lynda says
    27 March 15, 12:58pm

    My grandchildren are 9, 11 and 13 years old. Is this movie appropriate for them to see?

  2. Annelie says
    27 March 15, 1:15pm

    I would think so, but we haven’t seen any previews yet. You may have to wait until it comes out to be sure.


  3. Marie Steeves says
    01 April 15, 7:58pm

    Not having read the book, I do feel there is some accuracy to the culture at that time. Even today in war-torn nations or while living under conditions, women (as mothers or not) had to do all they could for their families and their nation. Men did the same. My objection is this: Did there have to be such explicit sexual scenes in this miniseries? You could make your point without the image. I am disappointed in the producers for following Hollywood’s example. Not for viewing by children or teenagers.

  4. NC says
    01 April 15, 8:43pm

    Too much unnecessary sexual scenes to tell the story of Masada, really!! Quoting Hebraic prayers then doing witchcraft and saying it’s GOD’s will? Very disappointing!!.

  5. Sandy says
    02 April 15, 11:05am

    I was so looking forward to this miniseries but was disappointed. It was all about sex and very little about God. Would have loved to watch more about the women than their sexual escapades.

  6. CFDb says
    03 April 15, 9:22am

    I would agree, it was very well done, just too much about the “sexual escapades” as you said.

  7. Michelle Marshall says
    03 April 15, 11:56am

    While the story does indeed tell of persecution and the pursuit of those who pick a target group and make their lives hell for the reasons of their faith and how communities can become insular and depraved as a result of that, I have reservations on two levels. 1. The story touches on and almost celebrates witchcraft , not only in itself but having a legitimate place within faith which as a Christian (which I am) or a Jew one should know is forbidden by Yahweh (Remember Saul’s dabblings?). 2. The story is explicit in its sexuality and that too celebratory of an adulterous nature.
    Because of the preoccupation with the sexuality and the witchery in the movie the story has suffered. Shirah’s story as a woman is sensualised and overpowered and i think it is unfair to women to have to sexualise and dramatize our story to such extremes and dabble with darkness and our bodies to tell our story. On the other hand so much of our story is about the objectifying by communities of our bodies. But this story takes liberties with the sanctity of marriage and assumes that while living in sin, Yahweh would still bless a witch? Shirah is a confused crafting of prophetess and witch. Cote de Pablo’s acting is fantastic and ‘bewitching’ even i would say. She does things with the character with her spunk but the character designed for the movie is a product of syncretism, trying to bring two spirit worlds together to co exist in one woman. Which goes against the grain of Christian understandings of prophecy and witchcraft. It is a dangerous movie for young Christians (youth groups etc…) and would require maturer discerning believers sitting with them and explaining the differences and the subtleties.
    Sam Neill’s story fascinates me but while it is not the central story it is almost redundant in the context. I would like to see a movie about Josephus.

  8. Annelie says
    03 April 15, 12:35pm

    Great points Michelle & I, too, would love to see a story about Josephus one day.


  9. Judy says
    03 April 15, 1:13pm

    This is not what I would call a Christian film. Christian films can usually be seen by the whole family. This movie certainly is not my family film. It should have been shown on HBO or Cinemax. It is going to be hard to watch anything now marked Christian film. They didn’t have to be so explicit with their love scenes, sex, etc. I was really disappointed and did not finish watching this scathing film.

  10. mother hen says
    04 April 15, 1:58pm

    BEWARE !!!!! This is not Christian or a Godly movie !! I was very disappointed and discussed. I was trusting Mark Burnett and Roma Downey to have a good Christian film !! It was Explicit Sex, Adultery, and Witchcraft. Attacking marriage and families.
    I`m sure it must have offended Jewish people also. Not fit movie for children !! Or anyone else.

  11. Jodie says
    06 April 15, 4:05pm

    Why does it feel like I have seen this movie before? I did read the book, but it was too real when I watched this to be only that, I feel that there was another movie or something a year or so ago am I wrong?

  12. Annelie says
    06 April 15, 5:42pm

    There was another movie (TV series) – not sure what year – it was called Masada and it was based on the same book I think because the synopsis sounded so similar.


  13. leola says
    08 April 15, 3:43pm

    I watched this movie because of code de Pablo. I loved her in NCIS and wanted to see more of her. So I enjoyed the movie very much. Left me with much to think about it. I have not read the book but plan too. Seems many of you had a misconception about this movie. It was not a Christian film, but I have to say having read the Bible there was much sex and killing in it. Solomon had a lot of wives and concubines. This movie depicted what is was like to live back then. Now Pablo can you come back to NCIS. We miss you.

  14. Annelie says
    08 April 15, 3:54pm

    Since Roma Downey and Mark Burnett produced it, that is where the misconception came in I think.

  15. Janelle says
    23 July 15, 6:42pm

    I watched this, though the history was amazing to see it was completely INAPPROPRIATE!! Lots of sex scenes, bloody and gore! This is far from a Christian film!


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