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Dryness in the Brook

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CFDb Review!

Great film that brings out spiritual warfare in our lives and the dangers of a prayerless life.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review!

Film Synopsis:

When Steve, a man with a lovely wife and adorable son named precious, decides, out of a burning passion after God, to erect an Altar of fellowship where they can commune with God on a daily basis, life became pleasurable and enjoyable. The declaration and signing of the COVENANT was the seal of their blessing and prosperity in and with God. Life became as fulfilling as it could ever become and their aspirations, goals and destinies were seemingly secured. When lovely and caring Marie came visiting life became even more fulfilling and her caring hand gave Vera the kind of help she never had in her home, though Steve had his reservations. Suddenly like a man under spell or unseen manipulations, Steve became uncomfortable with the Altar room, the COVENANT and the family time with God.

Suddenly Steve, a man with a history of uncompromising integrity and transparency began to hide his lifestyle from Vera. Like a man torn among two worlds but not good at lying, Steve’s actions began to arouse suspicion in the heart of a loving and caring wife who never has the cause to suspect his husband. Worried, bothered and concerned Vera is determined to unveil the unseen and hidden part of her husband lifestyle and to find an answer to why her husband has suddenly lost his passion for the lord and the family fellowship with God.

Things fell completely apart, when one night Steve got home and did the unthinkable! He did not just avoid the family fellowship ritual in the Altar room but ripped and tore the Altar room apart. He denounced the declaration of the COVENANT they had with God and renounce the promise of fellowship they has signed with the God of Heaven. From that point on, all hell broke loose!

Vera is torn between nurturing the home and fighting to discover the worm eating up her once loving husband. Suddenly she wakes up to accidentally discover the secret her husband has been carefully keeping, throwing all caution to the wind, she confronted her husband who lost control and decides to seek the intervention of Pastor Mike, his senior Pastor. While Pastor Mike seeks to restore the once happy home, fighting desperately to pray for healing of wounded hearts and restitutions. What follows is a tale and twist of unbelievable secrets and plots leading to a heart striking tragedy which could only be salvaged and redeemed by just one single journey. A journey which Steve and his wife have to make. A Journey back to the Altar!

How important is it when our hearts speaks to us. How much can our intuition and discernment save us from a moment or lifetime of crisis. Are there ways we can avoid dangers and disaster? What could Steve have done differently? What was the role of Marie in the twist of the story? You need to see the movie to understand and find answers to these questions.

Are you living in dryness even though plugged to the Brook? Come find a new source of freshness as you watch “Dryness in The Brook ~ A Journey back to the ALTAR!”

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Dryness in the Brook, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Yuri Mabiala says
    20 May 12, 8:21pm

    Hello Mr. Rex! I am writting to say that I would like to receive one copy of this movie as soon as it gets released. May the Lord Jesus bless your mind and enable you to write more for the growth of the church as the body of Christ, always prioritizing the interests of Jesus.Phil.2:4,21

  2. Annelie says
    21 May 12, 3:40pm

    Hello, this won’t be out until October. If you want to keep updates on the film, just sign up to our newsletter and we will list the upcoming films for that particular month and that will be your reminder to purchase the movie.


  3. cliff says
    04 May 14, 4:20pm

    I would like to have a copy of the Covenant for my home.

  4. Annelie says
    05 May 14, 7:24am

    Contact Rex – – he may have one for you.


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