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Dying to Be Heard

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Dying to Be Heard

Film Description:

Striving to climb the corporate ladder, Rachel is thrown into an emotional crisis when she discovers she’s pregnant! Forced to choose between her blossoming career and an unexpected life of sacrifice, her world seems to be collapsing around her.

Will she discover how to view every human life, including the unborn, the way God does?

Dying to Be Heard is a powerful film, based on true events. There are three stories that tie in together as the movie progresses. One story is about a dying man named Jordan, who was a fantastic accordion player and has struggled with autism. The other plot that ties in is about Jordan’s father, a Jew who survived the Holocaust, and it should be noted that death camp scenes are featured in the film. The third subplot is about Rachel, a businesswoman who works hard and has just been promoted. She goes to a bar to celebrate her promotion with her girlfriends and ends up getting drunk, having sex (not shown) and winds up pregnant. The father of the child wants nothing to do with her. The voice of the unborn child becomes one of the voices, dying to be heard.”

Release Date: (DVD) August 1, 2014

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