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Easter Mysteries

Sneak Preview
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Easter Mysteries

Film Description:

Easter Mysteries – The film EASTER MYSTERIES is an inspiring, entertaining, family-friendly, biblical-based oratorio-musical with music, libretto and lyrics by John O’Boyle, a Tony Award-winning Broadway producer.

EASTER MYSTERIES, a modern re-imagining of two medieval mystery plays that was performed at Hunter College last week and filmed for a theatrical release next March. The music, libretto and lyrics are by John O’Boyle, a Tony Award-winning Broadway producer, and the motion picture is directed by Danny Goldstein with Musical Arrangements and Music Direction by Milton Granger.

EASTER MYSTERIES reinterprets iconic figures in human terms – ordinary people with hopes, dreams and fears, uncertain of what lies ahead. Using the universal themes of death and Resurrection and love vs. betrayal, the passion play moves through Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem, the Last Supper, his arrest, Peter’s struggle with faith, and Jesus’ death, followed by the sightings of Jesus after his burial, Peter’s reconciliation of faith, and Jesus’ reappearance and Ascension.

All begin a journey with certain expectations, only to find something very different from what they anticipated.“Entering into the mystery of the Passion is something millions of people try to do every Easter season,” explained O’Boyle. “Participating in that mystery with a fresh and compelling angle of vision—and in a cinematic setting—seems a worthy goal.”

Release Date: (DVD/Blu-ray) TBA!

Watch the Trailer Now:

Watch the Trailer Now

Easter Mysteries - Christian Movie/Film Philip Boykin - CFDb

Film Cast

  • Anna Mintzer … Joanna
  • J.D. Webster … Simon
  • Wallace Smith … Jesus
  • Philip Boykin … Caiaphas
  • Erin Davie … Mary Magdelene
  • Benjamin Howes … Thomas

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