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Film Description:

Frank, a professional counterfeiter from a wealthy mob family, discovers he needs a new heart after being shot when accepting a bribe from a dirty cop. In a twist of fate, Frank receives the heart of the man (Chris) he was supposed to kill two weeks earlier when told to “take him out” by his Grandfather. Learning from the deceased mans wife, Katie, what kind of man Chris was, Frank starts to have a change of heart.

With a bounty now on his head, Frank has to flea the country to escape his previous associates who don’t exactly like his change of heart.

Frank finds himself mixed up in a bad situation with a unique set of circumstances that will test his new heart and if he really has changed.

Join him on a journey where he will discover the truth about the man he killed, his past life, and that we really do get a second chance at life.

Release Date: (DVD) 2016

Echo-Rhyme - Christian Movie/Film DVD - CFDb

Echo-Rhyme - Christian Movie Screenshot

Echo-Rhyme - Christian Movie Screenshot 2

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Echo-Rhyme - Christian Movie Screenshot 5

Film Cast

  • Clint Calvert … Detective Reitz
  • Mardell Elmer … Sydney
  • John D. Carver … Grandfather
  • Absalom Julius … Jake
  • Seth Adair … Heart Surgeon
  • Matthew Effinger … Chris
  • John Paul Josey … EMT
  • Caleb Johnson … Tony
  • Diana Schmitt … Karen
  • Dempsey Hankins … Trish
  • Markus Porter … Wine Store Clerk
  • Joe Atkinson … Dr. O’Conner
  • Jimmy DeTalente … Emergency Room Doctor
  • Clay Doss … Frank
  • Brandon Ruiz … Dave
  • Mariah Doss … Katie
  • Thomas Hood … Steve

Film Company Contact Details

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Son Films Representative:
Phone: (812) 521-7665 Fax:
Email: Contact Address: 1946 S County Road 525 W, French Lick, Indiana 47432

Film Details

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