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On the Edge

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CFDb Review:

These are oldie but goodies.  Powerful films, both On the Edge and Thin Ice.

On the Edge

Film Description:

Reflecting on his own faith journey that began on a skiing trip to Lake Tahoe, Vince bets his college roommate he can prove that God exists by taking him on a camping trip with a few friends from church. As they hike and swap stories around the campfire, the group covers physical and spiritual ground while attempting to tackle the tough questions of life.

Amidst the hiking, campfires, and storytelling, they talk about the tough questions people ask in life. Laughter, sorrow, and plenty of action will definitely keep you “On The Edge” of your seat.

Featuring the music of BarlowGirl, Bib Carlisle, Debby Boone and Benny Hester.

Check Out the Prequel – ‘Thin Ice’ – Watch nowWatch ‘Thin Ice’ in Spanish

Both films on one DVD Here – Collector’s Edition!   Watch ‘On the Edge’ in Spanish

On the Edge - Christian Movie on DVD - CFDb Poster

On the Edge - Christian Movie Cast

Film Cast

Actor Character Actor Character
Mark Parra Nick Jay Roberts Jr. Vince
Jared Moses Ross Kenny McMurphy Woody
Dyanne DiRosario Shawna Troy Glennon Xalton
Leslie Ryan Trish Tom Fahn Basketball Player #2

Film Contact Details

Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group Representative: Not Available
Phone: 866-774-3774 Fax: Not Available
Email: Contact
On the Edge, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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