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CFDb Review:

Escape – WOW! What a film! Highly recommend this one. Really well done!  Check out the CFDb Movie Review

Film Description:

Escape – Doctors Paul and Kim Jordan are struggling to find peace in their lives after the tragic loss of their baby’s life. Paul (C. Thomas Howell from The Amazing Spider Man, ET) persuades Kim to escape reality and flee to the exquisite islands of Southeast Asia. Paradise becomes a nightmare when he is kidnapped by human traffickers in need of a skilled doctor.

Faced with a fight for survival, Paul finds himself captive alongside the wealthy Malcolm Andrews (John Rhys-Davies from Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings). He quickly realizes their is no hope for his captors dying leader and is forced to examine his eternal fate. With life and death in the balance, Malcolm challenges Paul to stop running from God. Will Paul realize that trust in God is his only hope for escape and reunion with his wife?

Escape - Christian Movie, Christian Film, DVD Blu-ray Pure Flix

Indy Christian Review: by Zack Lawrence

  • C. Thomas Howell … Paul Jordan
  • John Rhys-Davies … Malcolm Andrews
  • Anora Lyn … Kim Jordan
  • Prinya Intachai … Chakan (as Prinya Intacha)
  • Khanchit Chompoos … The Captain
  • Chayut Buanar … Rarong
  • Wathana Suksongroh … Lek
  • Blaize Andres … Louie
  • Celicia Arnold … Michelle (as Celicia ‘Terry’ Arnold)
  • Sahajak Boonthanakit … Dr. Kiet
  • Nophand Chantharasorn … Street Boy
  • Tanapol Chuksrida … (as Tanapol Chuksrid)
  • Noppawong Khamtonwong … Clerk
  • Chanicha Shindejanichakul … (as Chanicha Shindejanichaku)
  • Ken Streutker … Steve (as Ken Strutker)
  • Somprasong Vejasilp … Old Thai Man
Company: Pure Flix Entertainment
Contact Person:
Phone: +1 480 991 2258
Fax: +1 480 473 9811
Email: Email Contact
Escape, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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  1. Kari Edge says
    22 January 12, 7:29pm

    Wonderful movie with deep meaning! One the whole family can watch and enjoy. I can’t wait for the whole world to see this and experience the relationship and trust these characters develop!

  2. Annelie says
    23 January 12, 8:23am

    We didn’t think anyone had a chance to see this one yet? Where were you able to see it?


  3. christin says
    21 July 12, 11:23am

    I have the chance to see this at a premier tonight with my kids. Would YOU take a 5 y.o. to it?

  4. Annelie says
    22 July 12, 9:40am

    We haven’t seen this film so I’m not sure – check out the Dove review – this should help you make your decision.


  5. Izumi says
    25 August 12, 10:52pm

    Where can I find Wathana Suksongroh pictures and bio? Hes the youngest “bad guy” that got shot in the arm towards the end. PLEASE HELP ME FIND HIM! Thank you ^_^

  6. Bluerose says
    29 August 12, 12:51am

    It’s too late for the person who wrote the previous comment regarding going later that evening and brInging a little one. But for future reference: it’s a decent movie if you’re into action films but NOT kid-friendly due to violence, people getting stabbed or shot.

  7. Annelie says
    29 August 12, 8:53am

    I’ve tried but I can’t find out any information. You can contact PureFlix – there is contact information in the center of the film page. They would be the best people that would know more.


  8. Kelsey says
    30 August 12, 6:57pm

    Just learned about this movie, will deffinantly have to run to redbox this evening and grab it! Looks good! would you recommend for my 15-13 and 8 year old girls?

  9. Annelie says
    30 August 12, 7:48pm

    We haven’t seen this yet so it’s hard for me to say. We plan on watching it this weekend. Maybe you should view it first and then decide.


  10. Laura says
    01 October 12, 12:02pm

    My husband and I purchased this movie and really enjoyed it. It is very nice, but I do wish they would have added more Christ in it. Perhaps if they showed that the wife accepted Christ and more of how their lives changed with Christ in their lives. But overall, it’s a good Christian movie and not much of only a positive movie.

  11. Desiree says
    03 December 12, 5:24am

    My husband and I thought this movie was great, and we are no youngsters :). But, great acting performances by all, quality was superb, (especially in comparison with other Christian movies which are a little rough sometimes and amateurish). The main thing, it was edifying and glorified the Lord! I am trying to find the “It is well” song, the movie version was beautiful. If anyone knows, can you please advise? Blessings to all.

  12. Annelie says
    03 December 12, 5:40am

    Does anyone know? I haven’t been able to find a soundtrack anywhere.


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