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Figure In The Forest

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Film Synopsis:

Their marriage deteriorating after their son is killed by a drunk driver, architect David James (Dean Teaster) and his wife Rita (Mary Jo Cuppone), a noted psychologist, receive an unusual offer that forces them to finally confront their painful loss. Upon venturing into the woods for some quiet reflection, Rita is shocked to find the memory of her son awaiting her amongst the trees.

A secluded cabin in the woods and a heavenly visitor help to mend the marriage of a couple who are dealing with the loss of their only child after a fatal car accident with a drunk driver just weeks before his graduation.

Figure in the Forest is an inspiring, well-crafted story of hope in the midst of tribulation. Rita (Mary Jo Cuppone) and David (Dean West) are thrown into a horrific situation that seems to happen “only in the movies.” But to them, the tragic loss of their son, Shaun is all too real. This creative ensemble, from writer/director, Jeff & Juanita Kennedy, to producer, DJ Perry, and the cast, is made up mostly of Michigan residents. With rare exception, the actors present convincing performances that skillfully draw viewers into the compelling story of a life lost, a love found. The music performances by Joe Puliin, John Oates (Hall & Oates), Peter Frampton and the London Symphony Orchestra add a special texture that completes this portrait of repentance and reconciliation.


• Dean West … David James• Mary Jo Cuppone … Rita James• DJ Perry … Brad Johnson

• Barton Bund … Shaun James (High School grad)

• Smitty Atwood … Shaun James (middle school)

• Jackson Kennedy … Shaun James (Elementary Age)• Zane Jordan … Shaun James (Pre-school age)• Juanita Kennedy … Meg

• Jennifer Bandlow … Maddie

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