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Finding Fatima

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Film Synopsis:

In 1917, while a generation of men were being sacrificed on the killing fields of World War 1 and the seeds of a bloody revolution were being sown in Russia, just outside a small town called Fatima in Portugal, three young Shepherd children made an extraordinary claim that they had been visited by a lady from heaven, a lady “brighter than the sun”.

The series of events that followed, would resonate around the world, and culminated in what has been described by many, as the greatest miracle of the 20th century, an event witnessed by over 70,000 people.

‘Finding Fatima’ is the new feature length documentary from the creative team behind the independent feature film, ‘The 13th Day’. Directed by Ian and Dominic Higgins and filmed over two years, the documentary presents the complete story of Fatima with innovative and dramatic reconstructions of the events, interviews with many leading experts on Fatima and rarely seen archival material.

‘Finding Fatima’ is a beautiful depiction of an event that is as relevant today as it was almost a hundred years ago.

Watch Now

  • Jay Sutherland – Narrator / Father Schiffer
  • Darren Luc Kelly – Avelino De Almeida
  • Robert Wilkinson – Dr. Almeida Garrett
  • Nadja Mitidiero Nadja Mitidiero – Maria Do Carmo
  • Rob Talbot – Pope Benedict XV
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