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Finding Normal

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CFDb Review:

Finding Normal a Great Christian film with a Hallmark feel to it.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Film Description:

Finding Normal – The only thing standing between Dr. Lisa Leland (Candice Cameron Bure) and the wedding of her dreams in the Hamptons is a 2600-mile drive from Los Angeles to Long Island. However, a run in with the law in the country town of Normal, North Carolina leaves Dr. Leland with a choice–Jail or community service.

Sentenced to serve three days as the town’s doctor, Lisa has her world turned upside down by a man she would never expect. Quickly, Lisa finds that there’s a lot more to Normal than she could have ever imagined.

Release Date: (Blu-ray) January 15, 2014

Release Date: (DVD) February 4, 2014

Finding Normal - Christian Movie, Christian Film, DVD Blu-ray, Candace Cameron Bure Banner, GMC

 Finding Normal

Finding Normal - Christian Movie, Christian Film, DVD Candace Cameron Bure Banner, GMC

Finding Normal - Christian Movie Film, DVD Candace Cameron Bure Banner, GMC

Finding Normal - Christian Movie Film, DVD Candace Cameron Bure Banner, GMC 1

  • Lou Beatty Jr. … Doc Shelby
  • Andrew Bongiorno … Dr. Steve
  • Valerie Boucvalt … Mandy
  • Dodie Brown … Dr. Maggie Parks
  • Candace Cameron Bure … Dr. Lisa Leland
  • Delia Cobos … Maria
  • John C. Coffman … ACLU Attorney
  • Pam Dougherty … Rita Caffey
  • Jim Elliott … Judge Denton
  • Mark Irvingsen … Lester Toole
  • Ashleigh Jolly … Carly
  • Nina Leon … Hispanic Woman
  • Isabel Myers … Kimberly
  • Gus Rhodes … ACLU Attorney
  • Trevor St. John … Lucas Craig
  • Mary Alfred Thoma … Delia Woods
Company: Pure Flix Entertainment
Contact Person:
Phone: 480-991-2258
Fax: 480-473-9811
Email: Email Contact
Finding Normal, 4.0 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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  1. Adrienne says
    04 May 13, 10:41am

    Just want to make note that the film was filmed in Columbia , La about 30 miles south of Monroe 😉

  2. mother hen says
    18 May 13, 7:23pm

    You will enjoy this movie !!

  3. Jenny says
    19 May 13, 10:52pm

    I absolutely loved this movie! I also really liked the band that played at the “Founders Day” dance, particularly the slow song they played while they danced. Since the movie isn’t listed at IMDB yet, I couldn’t locate any info but would really love to download that song if I could find out what it was and/or who the band was. I also loved each character, especially the old Doc, what a wonderful addition to the film. And it goes without saying that I’ve admired Candace for so long now and how she’s conducted her life. Anyway, if I could change one thing about the film, it would be that Dr. Lisa could have made her decision to stay in Normal a little earlier in the film…I just feel it got a little tedious seeing her being so unkind & self centered for so long until the very last few minutes of the film. Other than that, I totally loved everything about it and especially the Christian message! I didn’t have to brace myself for nudity or bad language. Thank you! More, more, more movies like this one please! P.S. Btw, until today I didn’t know that the “Gospel Music Network” had movies…thought they just did music! I do love movies so I’ll be sure to check them out in the future!

  4. Annelie says
    20 May 13, 10:11am

    Does anyone know about the slow song played at the founders dance? I am not sure.


  5. Cindy Mendenhall says
    28 May 13, 9:11am

    How can I purchase this film? Is it possible to purchase the DVD without becoming a member?

  6. Annelie says
    28 May 13, 9:17am

    It’s not available yet to purchase – you don’t have to become a member for purchasing. We don’t sell the films, we just lead you to a place that does. In this case, it may be another couple of months before it comes out on DVD.


  7. Helen Conboy says
    08 June 13, 4:11pm


  8. annie smith says
    10 June 13, 10:59am

    When will the movie be shown again for those of us that didn’t see it?

  9. Annelie says
    10 June 13, 12:12pm

    I’m not sure you have to check with the GMC – Now Uplifting Entertainment Schedule page:

    I didn’t notice it scheduled for the next couple of weeks though.


  10. Jenny says
    16 June 13, 10:17am

    Well yay! I FINALLY after much searching discovered the name of the band that does the music at the Founders Day dance in Finding Normal. It’s Jason Martin & the Corner Pocket (along with the girl singer in it named Hanna Hart). Until the DVD comes out, the only version of the song I can find is on YouTube so here’s what you do if you want to hear it.

    Go to YouTube and enter this: Jason Martin Something Like You

    Then of all the choices that come up, choose this one: Something Like You at Practice

    It’s definitely the song from the movie and I enjoyed it a lot…well, except for the last few seconds of it where Jason uses the F word. (sigh) Too bad…but until I can get the hopefully great version on the DVD, I’m downloading this version and then trimming out the first minute or two where he’s kidding with the band, and of course the last few seconds too where he says the foul word and just get the song part. Anyway, other than him using the junky word at the end, the song was fabulous. And I’m happy now because…mystery solved! Love it! 🙂 P.S. It’s just kind of amazing that it took so long to come up with it. I even asked the question on Finding Normal’s Facebook page and nothing. Anyway…

  11. 02 July 13, 4:55pm

    Jenny, I was IN the movie (Rita Caffey, the lady who needed a prayer before having her blood pressure taken). I need to get a copy of my scene for my demo reel and wondered if you know if I’m still in it! You know what they say about landing on the editing room floor!


  12. 02 July 13, 4:58pm

    Actually I think I should have asked that question of Annelie, not Jenny!

  13. CFDb says
    03 July 13, 5:49am

    Hi Pam, I think maybe you can contact PureFlix for the copy of the scene – 480-991-2258 –


  14. CFDb says
    03 July 13, 5:52am

    I just added you to the cast Pam.


  15. 08 July 13, 1:52pm

    Just talked to Pure Flix, thanks for the contact. Turns out that GMC made some sort of special arrangement to air the show last month, and I believe it’s some months away, maybe even next year, before it’s released to DVD.

  16. Nicholas says
    13 July 13, 11:51pm

    I’ve lived in Raleigh North Carolina all my life and traveled all over my home state and in all the movies I’ve seen supposedly set in North Carolina make us sound deeply southern and backwoods and we are not the way they portray us to be. Other than that it’s a lovely heart warming movie.

  17. Jason says
    19 July 13, 12:44pm

    To Jenny and all others that loved the song Something like you, by Jason Martin…it is available via Amazon mp3 download. Cheers all, Jason

  18. Phyllis says
    01 August 13, 7:42am

    A friend of ours told us about this movie. Could you please let me know when it will be for sale to the public?
    Thank You,
    Phyllis Brown

  19. Annelie says
    01 August 13, 9:17am

    Sorry – not sure of the release date just yet.


  20. Cindy Lopez says
    09 August 13, 1:26pm

    I Fell In love with this Movie !!! I do believe in true love, this is a heart felt spiritual movie that you can watch with your family.
    I’ve been a fan of Trevor St. John for along time, he is an exceptional actor a rare treasure !! I can’t wait to get this movie on DVD !!!

  21. Charity says
    14 August 13, 6:14pm

    Love this type of movie show how true love can happen between two diffident type of people from diffident type of backgrounds can wait for this movie come out on dvd. Plus I love our home grown actor Trevor St John go EAGLES

  22. Helen Conboy says
    14 August 13, 7:49pm


  23. melinda says
    18 October 13, 11:55pm

    Beautifully written and touchingly acted….Thank you…

  24. Jen says
    11 April 14, 8:34pm

    To Jenny: her heart was warming up long before that. What did she do before she left? Sweet movie I was only fortunate enough to see on UP TV recently.

  25. mary says
    14 May 14, 12:59pm

    The description of the film is she hits a tractor yet in the film I watched that doesnt happen is there a different film thats the same?

  26. Annelie says
    15 May 14, 8:44am

    Interesting – I just added a different description because I couldn’t remember that either – I wonder if they made some changes to it.


  27. Keri says
    15 May 14, 1:46pm

    This movie was GREAT. One of the best faith based films I’ve seen to date. I too enjoyed the music playing in the background of the “Founder’s Day” scene. Unfortunately, after looking into the band and taking a listen to their music, I was sorely disappointed to find that there is foul language in their lyrics. Would like to have bought their album, but won’t be. A little surprised and disappointed that CFDb would use a song in their movie that contained obscenities.

  28. Annelie says
    16 May 14, 9:25am

    We don’t make the movies, we just list them – That is sad that they would use that as a background music but perhaps the filmmakers weren’t aware of it at the time.


  29. Ruddy says
    17 May 14, 7:27pm

    To the people who are looking for the slow song on the movie i have found it the same one thats the link.

  30. Lisa says
    18 May 14, 8:42am

    I liked the movie, but was confused by the geographical disconnects. It seemed to take place in Louisiana, but had several North Carolina references that did not play out. Shortly before she is stopped for speeding, Lisa tells Steve that she is just about to cross into Louisiana. They have a Louisiana map on the wall of the courtroom in Normal. Doc says that he has consulted with an oncologist from Duke University, which is likely in NC. Luke drives Lisa to Asheville for the hearing in the suit brought by the ACLU; but Asheville, NC is much more mountainous than the terrain shown. In addition, North Carolina is not one of the states that allow one to become an attorney without going to law school, which Luke says that he has done. (Neither is Louisiana, for that matter.) Finally, as a North Carolina native, I didn’t recognize anyone’s accent as being remotely typical of our state. It sounded like something from much farther south. Again, it was a good movie overall, but needed help with editing/continuity.

  31. ClaytonFrazier1 says
    18 May 14, 11:54am

    This movie was weird. It was okay until you see the message unfold at the end. But the character herself said that it didn’t make sense and I agree. With some basic script editing, these issues could have been smoothed over. Country boy beats the city man again. The idea is old and over done. Why must a life of having more, or have any with the city, so bad in movies like this? It like a Christain Hallmark movie. I have more woman in the house, and end up watching all these films. I had the movie figured out from she got her 3 days, and when she meets the country guy; I knew what would happen. We all seen this movie hundreds times before.

  32. Carol says
    22 May 14, 6:52am

    I thought the acting in this movie was exceptional.

    However, I have issues with some things that stretched credulity: driving from Louisiana to Asheville, NC, for example, for the trial, and back again, as pointed out above. And I think Louisiana is not one of the states that allows attorneys without law degrees to practice

    Also demonizing the ACLU and the blatant slap at residents of Massachusetts were hard to take as a Christian . . .

    That said, I never have a problem with good triumphing over sleaze and greed!

  33. Mr. C says
    08 June 14, 10:03pm

    Just a quick note: The band is Jason Martin and the Corner Pocket. The name of the song is “Flowers” from the album “The Blackout Sessions” It is on Youtube or Rdio or Spotfy, etc.. Enjoy!!

  34. Brett H says
    22 June 14, 3:35pm

    I just saw the movie on UPTV, and the description from our XFinity TV guide said the movie was set in South Carolina, which would explain the differing dialect than that of NC & the terrain differences. I didn’t see the comments in court as a slam of Massachusetts, but of those who, like the ACLU, who I believe is worthy of demonization, pick on every cross they see. What other symbol irks so many who simply don’t understand it’s simple message of hope, forgiveness, and love, all emotions this nation so dearly needs in order to heal its current woes? Don’d despair, Carol, for perhaps you don’t fully realize just what an enemy they are to you and I, and our collective brethren. Trust me, they are not our friends, allies, or up to any lasting good for or in this country, and they waste taxpayer money every time they defend cross haters. Let me close with one question for debate – have we ever heard of Rio de Janeiro fighting over the huge, famous statue of our Lord and Savior overlooking their city? We should try harder to emulate their example, in my humble opinion!

  35. Barbara Shipman says
    27 June 14, 11:37pm

    I really loved this movie, but had trouble with the continuity.Why would you drive through Louisiana and North Carolina going from LA to NY, especially if you were strapped for time? I guess they didn’t think we would notice the Louisiana map on the wall of a Normal, NC courthouse. There were other things. I lived near Asheville, and this just didn’t ring true. Also, he said 16 hours of community service, 8hrs a day, how does that add up to 3 days? I guess I notice too much, but good editing helps the viewer enjoy the movie more. The suspension of disbelief got to be too much. I loved the praying doctor.

  36. Katie says
    03 July 14, 11:41am

    First, I loved the movie. Super cute, great story line. However, I’m confused. Was the movie filmed in LA or NC? Was the plot of the movie set in LA or NC? It sort of contradicts itself, so I am just curious.

  37. Robin says
    14 July 14, 12:19am

    To Jenny, they had to take that long for her to come down off her big city doctor pedestal and realize what is important, I did not find it redundant at all, if she decided to stay sooner it wouldn’t be a feature length film it would be another sitcom.

    To the person who asked about purchasing the movie without joining the club, try Amazon or Ebay, I find a lot of movies there cheaper than Walmart some even out of production.

    To the producers, directors and cast, I really enjoyed the movie. Thank You.

  38. Robin says
    14 July 14, 12:42am

    Pam, Yes you were in it 🙂

    Lisa, Why would anyone have a NC accent if it was portrayed as LA. Also there is more than one Ashville in this country.

    Barbara, they added to the sentence, it was originally 16hrs but then they added another 8 hrs when she announced that she refused then asked her if she’d ” care to make it a 40 hour week”, yes I do have it on right now. Also see above comment. I don’t know who lives where and whether or not it was filmed in your town it was portrayed as LOUISIANA! There are a lot of things filmed in places other than what they are supposed to be. Look up In the Heat of the night series and check out what is portrayed as Sparta Mississippi. It really shouldn’t make a difference try watching a movie more for the content.

    To the person who questioned the route she took, To get from LA to New york she was probably taking I 20 or maybe I 10 to I95 simple and direct and all interstate not many changes but again it is just a movie. Or maybe she was taking her time to decide if that was what she wanted, just one possible scenario.

  39. mike says
    15 July 14, 6:01am

    I really enjoyed the movie. I used shazam to find the title to the song by Jason Martin. I later downloaded it from itunes. I started listening and to a great disappointment he uses GD. Why??. This started out an enjoyable song and then bam he put that word in it. This was suppose to be a movie that was worth watching. Which granted it did not play the whole song. I ended up deleting it from my library. I am a Christian and I am not ashamed to admit it. It hurts my heart, when my heavenly fathers name is used out of reverence in the first place and much more in this manner. You would think that a producer if they were trying to make a wholesome show would investigate more thoroughly the music they want to use and not use amusic that associated itself with this language. Usually itunes will put an e beside songs of this nature i guess GD is not explicit enough. I hope that Mrs. Cameron was not aware of this she is a class act so I give her benefit of the doubt. I don’t have to listen to it I deleted it. Very disappointed.

  40. Annelie says
    15 July 14, 7:58am

    Ouch Mike – that is very bad – not sure why anyone would use any part of a song that takes the Lord’s name in vain. UGH. Thank you for letting us know. I agree, I’m sure the majority did not know about this. Another person to add to our prayers.


  41. Carri says
    15 July 14, 7:02pm

    Robin your Asheville point would be valid had they not said going to the BUNCOMBE county court house in Asheville. Those who know North Carolina know Asheville is in the county of Buncombe. So it is a tad confusing to us when that reference is thrown in with all the Louisiana references that’s all. We don’t miss the big picture just confused by the details. Oh an Netfix said it took place in North Carolina

  42. Carolyn says
    18 July 14, 8:37pm

    What plantation or house was used for the exterior shot at the end of the movie- when she has the wedding dress on? I have been searching to try and find it.

  43. dave says
    06 August 14, 12:59am

    are you kidding? Small towns like this only exist in the imagination. everybody is smiling
    the Afro Americans fit right in. They have a black judge!! and its in the South!
    by the way, the cross does not belong on public grounds. Contrary to what you might wish, this is not a Christian country. Yes there are many Christians here, but guess what, not everybody is Christian
    The subtle putdown of the ACLU is really over-the-to

    it’s a lovely fantasy to see life this simple.

  44. Philmore says
    03 January 15, 9:33pm

    In the south there are crosses on road sides (especially where someone died), In my son’s elementary school there are still the 10 commandments hanging up and this is in TN very close to VA. It is very likely the film was done in NC since many are done there and many Hollywood actors have homes there.

  45. Divine says
    08 January 15, 11:18pm

    If you Google the movie it says it was filmed in Columbia Louisiana. There was a Louisiana map on the wall behind the Judge. However,they did say they were going to court in Asheville in Buncombe county which is about 14 hours . I live in Louisiana and have been to Ashville many times . seems to be a bit of a geographic mixup . Good movie though.

  46. Mark DeZuba says
    01 March 15, 10:05pm

    How do I a copy of the song in the dance scene?

  47. Mary says
    11 October 15, 9:14am

    Can anybody post the last words Doc says (last scene of the movie) please??????????

  48. Annie says
    24 November 15, 8:24am

    Mary: Doc’s final words in the movie (a voiceover) are: “There are those who claim it’s impossible to learn what we’re meant to do or meant to be. But the folks who say that tend to be living for a God who shouts and completely miss the One who whispers. But I side with Paul who wrote, We see only a dim reflection, as though through a glass, darkly. But one day we shall see face-to-face. And what we now know in part, one day we shall know fully. But in the meantime, these three things remain: faith, hope, and love, and the greatest of these is love.”
    This is from St. Paul, 1 Corinthians 13:12: “Now we see but a dim reflection” may be based on the Berean Study Bible,
    “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” is the King James Bible. “Face to face” is in most translations, both Catholic and Protestant, eg. in the Catholic Douay Rheims this verse goes, “We see now through a glass in a dark manner; but then face to face. Now I know I part; but then I shall know even as I am known.” The final sentence in some translations has charity in place of love, as the two concepts have been assigned somewhat different meaning in modern times, ‘love’ especially, and it was ‘caritas’ in the Latin Vulgata (“Nunc autem manet fides, spes, caritas, tria haec; maior autem ex his est caritas.”). Also on the Vatican’s website, The New American Bible has this last verse, 1 Corinthians 13:13, translated as follows, “So faith, hope, love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

  49. paul maloney says
    08 September 18, 5:44am

    I found this dvd in a op shop ! and I feel I have found a treasure , I like the comments but I love this fiction ! the details are a little lost on an aussie but I felt it truly was a story about charity – the real kind of love . The love for ordinary people

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