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Fingerprints of the Flood

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Fingerprints of the Flood

Film Description:

A revelation that uncovers an original continental configuration contrary to Plate Tectonic Theory. A new model undoing tectonic boundaries show a configuration that could only come apart in a single global catastrophe, perfectly matching the record of scripture. There is no degree of scrutiny that can dent this new model, which doesn’t first utterly collapse plate tectonic theory! It is the new geodynamic paradigm.

As Plate Tectonics’ “Pangaea model” was postulated before any under sea mapping, the evidence gathered in the last fifty years, reveals the east to west separation across the Atlantic Ocean from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, is absolutely impossible. Moreover, the evidence of under sea mounts, magnetic anomalies, and CT scans of the earth, now reveal Atlantic Ocean land bridges in both the north and south. Not only do these now revealed barriers collapse the prehistory of Plate Tectonic Theory, they could only come apart in an extinction class cataclysm. Scientists are left having to explain how humanity could survive this self-evident event… or deny their own empirical evidence!

Where will this truth leave you?

“It’ll turn geology 180 degrees if it is viewed without any preconceived ideas or notions”
-Rev. Ed Salzwedel, board of directors, San Antonio Bible Based Science Association.


2016- 49th Annual Worldfest-Houston “Platinum REMI Winner”
April 2016 Christian Film Festival “Knowledge Award & Fan Favorite Educational Award”

Release Date: April 2016


Film Cast

Daniel Barwell Chacham Dan

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Company: God Over Time Outreach Representative: Dan Barwell
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