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Fire Creek

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Film Synopsis:

Spared by a God he didn’t believe in, Jason Malek comes home with shrapnel wounds in his legs and the memory of his best friend dying in combat. As Jason struggles with the question of why he heard a voice that saved his life, he meets new neighbors who have challenges of their own. As he grows closer to them he discovers they have needs he is uniquely prepared to meet. He also learns more about his relationship to his father, who had been killed in a tragic accident when Jason was a young boy. In the end, he finds that coming home meant much more than what he had thought.

  • Seth Packard … Jason Malek
  • Kim Abunuwara … Nancy Malek
  • John Cannon … Paul Coldwell
  • Dayne Rockwood … Lou Coldwell
  • Melinda Lockwood … Allison
  • Adam Daveline … Rooster
  • Tony Knight … Boxing Referee
  • Abraham K. Korb … Insurgent
  • Adam W. Korb … Insurgent
  • Joseph Spear … Cor. Rawlans
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Fax: 480-907-2259
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  1. Bill says
    31 December 13, 6:46pm

    This is not a Christian film. There is absolutely NOTHING in this film that is distinctly Christian. There are a few vague references to God, some mention of prayer, and some Bible reading. At the end (SPOILER ALERT) the main character says that he’s sure he’ll see his dad again. That’s IT.

    Any Unitarian or Mormon would be quite comfortable with this film.

    It’s a feel-good, empty waste of time.

  2. Annelie says
    01 January 14, 11:44am

    That’s disappointing.


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