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First Do No Harm

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CFDb Review:

Really thought provoking film, brilliantly done.  CFDb Movie Review.

First Do No Harm


Film Description:

First Do No Harm -The story begins as Jesús makes his way to work on the last day of the school year. Children and teachers alike are excited about the arrival of summer vacation when an unidentified gunman begins a rampage that changes their lives forever.

Jesús finds himself face to face with the shooter in an attempt to stop the mayhem, which he does, but only after 6 people have lost their lives. Even after being hailed as a hero, Jesús still sees himself as an ordinary person who in a time of immediate crisis did what he had to do to save lives.

Three months later, circumstances find him confronted with the ugly truth of the abortion industry. In the scenes that follow, we must examine the ethical similarities between the actions of the shooter and those of an abortion doctor.

Release Date: (DVD) June 4, 2014

  • Kenny Santiago Marrero – Jesus Torres,
  • Scott Alms – Dr. Jonathan Sanger,
  • Morgan Avery McCoy – Grace Thompson,
  • Bonnie Johnson – Judy Montgomery,
  • John Oliver – James Hardwick,
  • Vitaly LeBeau – Micah,
  • Ty Rushing – Michael E. Hatcher,
  • Kimberly Ann Klasnic – Christina Sanger,
  • Carley Tomlinson – Hope Maxwell,
  • Katie Layman – Maria Torres
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First Do No Harm, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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