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Flag of My Father

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CFDb Review!

A MUST SEE for anyone that has ever been in the military and for family members who have never been in the military but have family members who have been. Fabulous, strong Christian message and so much more…

Film Synopsis:

She needed honor and courage on the battlefield and at home.

When their veteran father “William Devane” dies unexpectedly, jealousy fractures an already fragile relationship between Judith, an Army nurse, and her four older half brothers including “John Schneider”.

As Judith relies on her unwavering faith and attempts to heal the strife within the family, she also battles post-traumatic stress initiated by her experience as a POW in captivity.

  • William Devane ~~~ Jake
  • GiGi Erneta ~~~ Captain Judith Rainier
  • Andrew Sensenig ~~~ Ben
  • Kent Jude Bernard ~~~ PFC Melvin Davis
  • Luke Sexton ~~~ PFC Zeke Pomfrey
  • Jim Elliott ~~~ SGT Angelo Santiago
  • Patrick Kirton ~~~ Simon
  • Nedal Yousef ~~~ Malik Saqr
  • Heather Bloom ~~~ Yvonne Poole
  • Sam Medina ~~~ Specialist Shutes
  • Tammi Arender ~~~ Sarah
  • Cindi Woods ~~~ Doris
  • Veleka Gray ~~~ Dr. Souza
  • Kip Cummings ~~~ Pastor
  • Gabriel Myers ~~~ Sam
  • Meade Patton ~~~ Sgt. Frank Rosenthal
  • David Ford ~~~ Jonesy
  • Tim Hickey ~~~ Mr. Marino
  • Randall Kamm ~~~ Levi
  • Christopher Alan Weaver ~~~ Cpl Derrick Steele
  • Charles R. Rooney ~~~ Cpl. John Anderson


Name/Company: R-Squared Productions
Contact Person: Rodney Ray
Phone: 319 323-6900
Fax: 318 362-0064
Website: Film/Company Website
Email: Email Contact
Flag of My Father, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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