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CFDb Review!

What a fabulous movie about tithing. This one is very powerful and very funny. A great Christian movie for all the family to see. Check out the CFDb Movie Review of this film.

Film Synopsis:

Created with the same faith-filled warmth and humor as Facing The Giants, Flywheel is the first movie produced by Sherwood Pictures. Written by the Kendrick Brothers and starring Alex Kendrick (who played Coach Grant Taylor), Flywheel will have you chering once again! Jay Austin wants to sell used cars in the worst way…and that’s exactly how he does business at his dealership. promising much more than he can ever deliver, he’ll do whatever it takes to sell a car.

His manipulative ways permeate all of his relationships – even his wife and son know they can’t trust him. But as Jay works on restoring a classic convertible, he begins to see that God is working on restoring him as well. Coming face-to-face with the reality of how he truly conducts himself, Jay Austin begins the ride of his life as he commits to honoring God with his business, his relationships, and his life!

  • Rosetta Harris Armstrong … Katie’s Sister
  • Lisa Arnold … Hillary Vail
  • Blake Bailey … Stephanie Ward
  • Jansen Barnes … Jeff Stone
  • Roger Breland … Mr. Austin
  • Walter Burnett … Max Kendall
  • Michael Catt … Pastor
  • John Cochran … 1st Man on Lot
  • Carrie Crenshaw … 1st Woman on Lot
  • Ashlynn Dapper … Faith Austin
  • Janet Lee Dapper … Judy Austin
  • Ron Dorminey … Usher #1
  • Shannen Fields … Miss Gardner
  • David Frasier … Scott Miller
  • Shawn Gaines … Usher #2
  • Mac George … George MacDonald
  • Nancy Goode … Car Buyer #2
  • Teresa Goode … Alma Watts
  • Tommy Goode … Car Buyer #1
  • Tracy Goode … Bernie Meyers
  • William W. Haire … TR3 Owner
  • Rutha Harris … Katie Harris
  • Carla Hawkins … Ms. Wright
  • Belle Hess … Mary Parker
  • Dawn Hunnewell … Teacher in Hallway
  • Rebekah Hunnewell … Student #3
  • Richie Hunnewell … Todd Austin
  • Bobby Jackson … Tom Jennings
  • Jim Jewell … Car Buyer #3
  • Renee Jewell … Winner’s Friend
  • Marc Keenan … Sam Jones
  • Alex Kendrick … Jay Austin
  • Joshua Kendrick … Boy Quoting Scripture
  • Anna Knuckles … Student #2
  • Rachel Knuckles … Student #1
  • Vicki Knuckles … Teacher in Room
  • Treavor Lokey … Vince Berkley
  • Jim McBride … Butch Bowers
  • Steve Moore … Dan Michaels
  • Angela Reynolds … Money Recipient #1
  • Ben Roberts … Himself
  • Jay Sharpe … Benny Watts
  • Michelle Sidhwa … Misty Land
  • John Spencer … Bad Car Salesman #2
  • Allan Stanford … Cleatus Beck
  • Daniel Titus … Kevin Cantrell
  • Dawn Westmoreland … Contest Winner
  • Greg Westmoreland … Bad Car Salesman #1
  • Mark Willard … Himself
Name/Company: Sherwood Pictures
Contact Person:
Website: Film/Company Website
Flywheel, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Lisa says
    25 August 11, 3:54am

    Nice movie. Movie with the gospel…

  2. Ruel says
    14 March 12, 4:31am

    Soon to watch this 🙂

  3. ClaytonFrazier1 says
    13 January 13, 12:14pm

    This is my favorite Sherwood film so far. It’s has humour, and is has a better production value. The acting is better and more constant. The story is more relatable than the first film, most of us don’t play football for a living, so we can only cheer for them. But it hits on greater subjects, like attitude and relationships. Mainly the importance of being honest. And characters are more likable, with more personality. Everything connects better with this film.

  4. apokla ben says
    16 July 13, 8:09am

    this is my favorite and most touching makes me realise god’d amazing deep love for our daily walk. thanks. apokla ben

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