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Forbidden God (Un Dios prohibido)

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Forbidden God (Un Dios prohibido)

Film Description:

Forbidden God (Un Dios prohibido) – August 1936, the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.

51 members of the Claretian community of Barbastro (Huesca) are martyred, die for their faith. The film recounts the last weeks of his life, since they are held until they are finally shot. During that time, they perform various writings they talk about their situation, of his fellow captives, people who saw them.

These writings have been the basic testimony used to narrate this real fact in film version.

Based on a true story during Spain’s civil unrest in the 1930′s, which set the stage for the rise of famed dicatator, Francisco Franco, the film eerily parallels today’s conflicts and turmoil in an era of eroding religious liberty. The film beautifully captures the story of conflict, hatred, love, faith, turmoil, and those called to serve while exploring the real consequences for laity, priests, and even seminarians when the freedom to practice one’s faith is under seige from civil authorities.

Verano de 1936, inicios de la Guerra Civil española. La película narra el martirio de 51 miembros de la Comunidad Claretiana de Barbastro (Huesca), deteniéndose en el aspecto humano y religioso de las personas que participaron en este hecho histórico y resaltando la dimensión universal del triunfo del amor sobre la muerte.

Release Date: Help bring to America

Release Date: (Theaters) TBA!

Release Date: (DVD/Blu-ray) TBA!

If you live outside the U.S. This film is for sale PAL, but will not work on many U.S. Players

This Film Needs Your Help – Here!

Help bring “Forbidden God”, the international award-winning, full-length feature film about love, faith, and freedom to North America.

We need your financial support to finish editing, formatting, and dubbing the movie into English. We’ve been able to complete 2/3 of the project, but we need your assistance to finish this important work. With your donation and the hard work of dedicated professionals, you will see Forbidden God in theaters this summer.

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Film Cast

  • Iñigo Etayo … Ramón Illa
  • Jerónimo Salas … Faustino
  • Álex Larumbe … Juan Echarri
  • Eneko Capapay … Miguel Masip
  • Guido Balzaretti … Hall
  • Ricardo del Cano … Atilio Parussini
  • Javier Suárez … Casadevall
  • Juan Lombardero … Vall
  • José María Rueda … Padre Juan Díaz
  • César Diéguez … Padre Sierra
  • Daniel Gómez … Padre Masferrer
  • Jorge Ferrer … Simón
  • Santiago Blanco … José María Blasco
  • Gabriel Latorre … Obispo
  • Jesús Guzmán … Padre Muñoz
  • Mauro Muñiz … Tío Pelé
  • Elena Furiase … Trini
  • Ainhoa Aldanondo … Ángeles
  • Raúl Escudero … Miguelé
  • Jacobo Muñoz … Eugenio Sopena
  • Juan Alberto López … Mariano Abad
  • Álex Tormo … Viu
  • Juanjo Díaz Polo … Coronel Villalba
  • Chema Coloma … Teniente
  • Gonzalo Mérida … Victoriano
  • Juan Rueda … Brigada
  • Emma Caballero … Miliciana Montse
  • Chus Pereiro … Esposa del Coronel Villalba
  • Sandra Gumuzzio … Doña Pura

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