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Forevermore: Karla Fay Tucker

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Forevermore: Karla Fay Tucker

Film Description:

Forevermore: Karla Fay Tucker – Karla Faye Tucker FOREVERMORE is a powerful story about love and forgiveness. Karla becomes a media giant, a poster girl for Christian restoration and Texas’ worst nightmare as the first woman to be executed in over 100 years.

The race is on to save her life. With the help of her new husband, prison minister Dana Brown, Karla walks-the-talk and faces the inevitable challenge of her execution by lethal injection. Many prayers and letters of support from around the world pour in as the clock ticks away to February 3rd, her appointment with death. With time running out, Karla and Dana seek solace in their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.

From a six by nine prison cell, Karla reaches out to the world with a message of hope and love. This divine love story proclaims the majestic power of God to change a life.

Formerly titled ‘Karla Fay Tucker

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