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Film Synopsis:

It’s 1878 and Jake Kincaid has just been released from prison for a crime he didn’t commit. His heart is seeking vengeance on those responsible for landing him in jail, but he’s also very interested in finding the gold he was accused of stealing. In his quest, Kincaid finds himself in the small lumber town of Fairplay, California. Here he meets an independent woman trying to do it all on her own, and a mischievous little girl with a quest of her own – finding something to fill her lonely heart.

Fairplay is where Kincaid learns that love is far more powerful than hate and that redemption is more precious than gold.

  • Ray Appleton … Josh Quinn
  • Mary Ann Conner … Mary Ann
  • Jeffrey J. Dashnaw … Crazy Kelly
  • Noelle Rickel … Charlene aka Charlie
  • Alan Autry … Jake Kincaid
  • Kimberlee Autry … Emma Wilson
  • Lauren Autry … Becky
  • Charlie Bonner … Undertaker
  • Mark Fimbres … Griggs
  • Heath Gfeller … Sam
  • Michael Ginsburg … Hicks
  • Robert Gonzales … Bickford
  • David Hart … Sheriff Bob Logan
  • Topper James … Carl
  • Keith Kelley … Preacher
  • Darrell Mapson … Luke Tanner
  • Roger Montero … Mayor Talbert
  • Jon Olsen … Hobbs
  • Bill Patterson … Doc
  • Jim Tuck … Luther
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Forgiven, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. mother hen says
    06 August 11, 5:34pm

    Good movie. A bit ruff, as westerns are

  2. Dixie says
    18 February 13, 1:29am

    What was the name of the song in this movie? I remember hearing the words “looking through a window”. Also, who sang it?

  3. Annelie says
    18 February 13, 9:51am

    Does anyone know? I’m not sure about this one.


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