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Forward Until Found

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Forward Until Found

Film Description:

Forward Until Found – Forward Until Found is an allegorical story depicting the importance of every christian as distributors of the Gospel.

It shows the responsibility that immediately falls on a christian as soon as they accept Christ. This story also shows the great loss suffered when a christian chooses not to do their duty as a follower of Christ as a channel by which the Gospel can go to another person.

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Film Cast

  • Jacob Dufour … Murphy
  • Daniel Main … Williams
  • Daniel Main … Williams
  • Mariah Dillon … Schultz
  • Mariah Dillon … Schultz
  • Tim Cleghorn … Mailman
  • Sally Bledsoe … O’Connell
  • Mark G. Carter … Johnson
  • Wesley Bledsoe … Hamilton
  • Chuck Hedrick … Thug 1
  • Adam Dufour … Thug 2
  • Daniel Cleghorn … Father
  • Kelsey Cleghorn … Daughter
  • Pam Cleghorn … Mother
  • Nathan Cleghorn … Big Brother

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Heritage Production Films Representative: Daniel Cleghorn
Phone: Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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