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Foster Home

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CFDb Review:

A heartbreaking reality short film that brings hope for all those that need healing.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Foster Home

Film Description:

Foster Home – Four college students who were former foster kids share their experiences before, during and after foster care with a film class making a documentary including how it changed their lives for Christ.

Release Date: (DVD) June 16, 2015

This Film has successfully reached their goal – Indiegogo

Foster Home - Christian Movie Film on DVD

Film Cast

  • Dave Payton – Rolly
  • Joy Whitten – Brenda
  • Alfonso Torres Cabarello – Jack
  • Shayna Shields – Jane
  • Mark Stacey White – Rolly’s Birth Father
  • Jenny Wallace – Rolly’s Foster Mother
  • Kathlene Ashcraft – Brenda’s Foster Mother
  • Jack Ashcraft – Brenda’s Foster Father
  • Jack Ashcraft Jr. – Brenda’s Foster Brother
  • Tiffany Jordan – Brenda’s Foster Sister
  • Chris Storck – Jack’s Foster Father
  • Kim Martin – Jack’s Christian Foster Mother
  • Amelia Mann – Jack’s Christian Foster Sister
  • Nathan Lewis – Jane’s Foster Brother
  • Sheila Mudd-Baker – Christian Therapist
  • Kristi Miller – Jane’s Christian Foster Mother
  • Michael Hunt – Jane’s Christian Foster Father/Police Officer
  • Courtney Smith – Jane’s Reluctant Foster Sister
  • Marie Garton – Social Worker

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Extreme Christian Entertainment Representative: Aaron Allen
Phone: Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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