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Friend of the Poor: The Pope Francis Story

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Friend of the Poor: The Pope Francis Story

Film Description:

Friend of the Poor: The Pope Francis Story is the working title of a projected English-language biopic about the recently elected pope, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio in Buenos Aires. According to the National Catholic Register‘s Joseph Pronechen, German-born producer and Catholic convert Christian Peschken, decided to make a movie about the first American pope (as in, from the Americas) after watching Pope Francis appear on the balcony at the Vatican on the day of his election.

The National Catholic Register report states that an “European investment group has already approved a $25-million budget” for Friend of the Poor: The Pope Francis Story — which doesn’t even have a screenplay ready. AMG Films, a company that specializes in Catholic-themed movies, would handle sales.

Peschken has invited Spanish filmmaker Antonio Cuadri, whose best known effort is probably the social drama The Heart of the Earth (2007), starring Catalina Sandino Moreno, to direct and write Friend of the Poor. Another potential behind-the-camera talent is three-time Oscar-winning Italian cinematographer Vittorio Storaro (Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, Warren Beatty’s Reds, Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Last Emperor).

Additionally, Sergio Rubin, author of the Jorge Bergoglio biography The Jesuit will supposedly act as the project’s “script consultant.” Possibly, so will author and Vatican journalist Andrea Tornielli, among whose books is the just-released Francis: Pope of a New World.

And finally, in a comment posted on April 26, Peschken says he has spoken with “Italian veteran film producer Enzo Sisti, producer / line producer / executive producer of major motion pictures such as The Nativity Story, Mission: Impossible III, Ocean’s Twelve and The Passion of the Christ. I plan to work with Enzo to supervise the entire production.”

Filming would commence in early 2014, at Rome’s Cinecittà studios and in Argentina. Friend of the Poor: The Pope Francis Story‘s initial screening would be held at the Vatican on Dec. 17, 2014, Pope Francis’ 77th birthday. ‘Friend of the Poor: The Pope Francis Story’ to be ‘authentic and truthful’

Now, having said all that, Friend of the Poor: The Pope Francis Story remains a movie project like thousands of others. There’s no screenplay, and the report doesn’t mention any signed contracts. The “European investment group” with $25m to spare goes unnamed.

In the National Catholic Register, Peschken says he wants his movie “to be authentic and truthful about the life of Jorge Bergoglio / Pope Francis.” And what exactly is that truth? Although Friend of the Poor: The Pope Francis Story is not to be perceived as “a Catholic movie per se,” the producer wants to “portray [Pope Francis] as who he is: a person who constantly points to Jesus and the message of Jesus — of love, of responsibility to neighbor — a person who puts Jesus first and everything else second.”

The National Catholic Register report adds that Peschken sees Friend of the Poor as “a powerful evangelization tool,” whose production, much like that of Mel Gibson’s highly controversial blockbuster The Passion of the Christ, would be “very much driven by prayer and the Holy Spirit.”

In other words, don’t expect Friend of the Poor: The Pope Francis Story to delve into the controversial aspects of Pope Francis’ life as Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, including his referring to gay marriage (which, much to his dismay, is legal in Argentina) as “an anthropological step backward”; accusations that he remained silent while priests committed sexual abuse in Argentina; and the filing of a complaint by an Argentinean human rights lawyer charging Bergoglio with complicity in the 1976 kidnapping of two liberal jesuit priests during the bloody rule of that country’s far-right military junta. (Bergoglio denied the charges.)

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Friend of the Poor: The Pope Francis Story Christian Film Movie

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