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Friendly Persuasion

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Film Synopsis:

For two years the Civil War has been elsewhere. Now Confederate forces are nearby, looting and burning. It is time to fight back, Jess Birdwell’s neighbors insist. Yet Birdwell, a Quaker, knows there must be a better way to settle things.

Indiana, 1862. Quakers Jess and Eliza Birdwell (Gary Cooper and Dorothy McGuire) live on their family farm. There are only minor ruffles in their quiet life youngest son, Little Jess, has a running battle with the pet goose, Samantha; Eliza disapproves when Jess turns their weekly buggy ride to worship into a race with neighbor Sam Jordan (Robert Middleton). But the Civil War threatens their calm. Will the Quaker men defend themselves against the invading Confederate Army? Their oldest son, Josh (Anthony Perkins), is torn between beliefs and desires. And what will Jess do when put to the test?

  • Gary Cooper ~~~ Jess Birdwell
  • Dorothy McGuire ~~~ Eliza Birdwell
  • Anthony Perkins ~~~ Josh Birdwell
  • Richard Eyer ~~~ Little Jess Birdwell
  • Robert Middleton ~~~ Sam Jordan
  • Phyllis Love ~~~ Mattie Birdwell
  • Peter Mark Richman ~~~ Gard Jordan (as Mark Richman)
  • Walter Catlett ~~~ Professor Quigley
  • Richard Hale ~~~ Purdy
  • Joel Fluellen ~~~ Enoch
  • Theodore Newton ~~~ Major Harvey
  • John Smith ~~~ Caleb Cope
  • Edna Skinner ~~~ Opal Hudspeth
  • Marjorie Durant ~~~ Pearl Hudspeth
  • Frances Farwell ~~~ Ruby Hudspeth
  • Samantha the Goose ~~~ Herself
  • Marjorie Main ~~~ The Widow Hudspeth
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