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Genesis 7: The Series

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Rating: 2.0/5 (1 vote cast)

CFDb Review!

A Christian Kids series where children can learn. I really enjoyed the musical score throughout the series.

Film Synopsis:

Take an out-of-this-world journey with the space program of the future! In the tradition of The Magic School Bus, this adventure-filled series educates young space cadets about the solar system as it follows the Genesis 7 spacecraft and its lander fondly known as “Little G.” Piloted by Lt. Donton Andrews under the command of his uncle, Captain Enoch Andrews, and the captain’s niece, imaging specialist Priscilla Andrews, the craft embarks on a year-long exploration of the solar system.

Throughout their fact-finding mission, communications specialist Lt. Abby Jennings and her ground crew work hard from Genesis Command to ensure the team’s success.

You can view another trailer at the Bridgestone Multimedia Group Page

Episode #1 – The Mission – Watch Now

Episode #2 – Journey to the Sun – Watch Now

Episode #3 – Unexpected Return – Watch Now

Episode #4 – To Venus – Watch Now

Episode #5 – Mars Landing – Watch Now

Episode #6 – Into the Trenches of Mars – Watch Now

Episode #7 – The Storms of Jupiter – Watch Now

Episode #8 – Saturn Ringed World – Watch Now

Episode #9 – The Icy World of Uranus – Watch Now

Episode #10 – Blue Neptune – Watch Now

Episode #11 – Kuiper Belt – Watch Now

Episode # 12 – Beyond the Interstellar Medium – Watch Now

  • Bret Wolfe – Captain Enoch Andrews
  • Dalton Wolfe – Lt. Donton Andrews
  • Emily Martin – Lt. Abby Jennings
  • Hannah Martin – Imaging Specialist Priscilla Andrews
Company: Iachod Visuals
Contact Person: Steve Skinner
Phone: 205-467-3093
Email: Email Contact
Genesis 7: The Series, 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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  1. Shepherd says
    14 September 14, 2:24pm

    I got episode 3 to check it out before buying more. I could not find 1 or 2. Acting is poor but very good special effects and very good educational value. The extras do a great job reviewing the science. I have only seen one and will buy the others but this seems to be based on the Young-Earth Creationists view. I wish the writers had read “More Than A Theory” by Dr. Hugh Ross. It does provide an educational opportunity for me with the kids.

  2. Adam Lord says
    30 April 15, 6:33am

    You know what I live about this series?
    That the premise is based solely on the idea that today’s science is flawed and incorrect, and that a Creationist methodology right.
    The data gathered by the Genesis 7 team, in the year 2862 (in the shows canon) is information that would have already have been accepted information, as codified by traditional scientific methodology, in 2012. The year this show was created!
    What I would like to know is are they setting about on this mission to confirm that information, or disprove it? And if it is proven to be correct does that not imply that traditional science was right all along?
    Also, what would happen if the crew encountered an alien life form? Something that would put a huge dent in the Creationist School of Science.
    Unless I am mistaken, NASA also discovered an extraterrestrial microbe on Mars in the year 2011.

    Also, I would love to have met the writers of this series. To see how they got their ideas would have been great!

  3. eric j says
    25 May 16, 9:22pm

    Regarding the Hugh Ross information – please, run far away from that. Yes, this does present a YEC view as that is the Biblically-correct view. Hugh’s
    view, like all old earth “creationists” requires tortured reinterpretation
    of Scripture to match currently-accepted scientific views. It treats those
    views as infallible, though for every one of them (Big Bang, starlight
    distances/time, old geology arguments, etc) there are plenty of scientific
    criticisms – both from believers and non-believers alike.

  4. Onisim says
    25 November 16, 3:19pm

    Thanks God for this movie,it’s fantastic …God bless you young actors for telling The true in this society of evil,keap continuing guys and always remember that true is bigger than us and it’s painful.but in The end will make the true diference abouth all things.Hebrews 12:1-2.God bless you my brothers and sisters in Lord Jesus.

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