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When God Left the Building

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When God Left the Building

Film Description:

A story of two declining American institutions – Kodak and the church. Both are dying. One church implodes after infighting and a faith crisis. Another struggles with a member’s plan to open an outreach in a pub.

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When God Left the Building - Christian Film DVD Banner

When God Left the Building - Christian Film DVD - Screenshot

When God Left the Building - Christian Film DVD - Screenshot 2

  • Rick Warren … Himself
  • Gabe Lyons … Himself
  • Steven Sasson … Himself
  • Tillie Burgin … Herself
  • Justin Mayo … Himself
  • Thom Schultz … Himself
  • J. Christy Wareham … Himself
  • Tony Steward … Himself
  • Reggie McNeal … Himself
  • Nathan Matz … Himself
Company: Group Productions
Contact Person: Becky Hodges
Phone: (970) 292-4245
Email: Contact
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MPAA Rating
Writers ,
Composer / Music
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Other Crew
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  1. Ann L says
    17 January 15, 7:50am

    I wonder if anyone else has noticed that all the actors in this movie are men? Are they also all white? The very medium shows how very out of step the church has become with our increasingly diverse culture. And I have long said that what ails the church is one part the rise of “spiritual but not religious” and one part organizational dysfunction. What has become abundantly clear to me as I read the comments from the “Dones” is how much the latter is generating the former. For two excellent general reads on this subject, check out “Christianity After Religion” by Diana Butler Bass and “The Underground Church” by Robin Meyers.

  2. Doc Benson says
    17 March 15, 11:02am

    I am a bit concerned that they do not have a tiered pricing system for screenings.

    A church of 3000 is paying the same ($298) as a church of 60. Well, I can safely say that my church of 60 has so tight a budget that it just can’t afford to pay what these mega churches consider to be coffee money.

    It looks good, but for smaller churches they should rename it “When Cash left the Building”…

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