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Film Synopsis:

The G.O.D.TECH setting is in a near-future fictional universe which is a post apocalyptic Earth in the year 2029.
All nations are ruled by the”World Parliament” which promotes the idea of a united world of peace and prosperity. However everything is not as idealistic as it appears as this society is controlled and monitored by micro-chipped implants created by the F.A.T.H.E.R. Corporation. These cybernetic implants provide a means for identification, all trade and communication between all people and races on the planet.

Although these chip implants are mandatory by law there are those who have refused to accept them and those who do refuse are automatically branded as terrorists and are hunted down and forced to either accept chip implantation or they will be eliminated. These so called Terrorists have a worthy fear of being implanted as many of them are aware that beneath the wholesome and trustworthy public face of the F.A.T.H.E.R. Corporation is a dark and unholy core with the ultimate aim of controlling all the peoples of the world and turning them away from the one true God with false promises of power, wealth and prosperity.

The “terrorists”, being followers of God, live on the fringe of society surviving on their wit and faith. God has granted his army of righteousness spiritual gifts to aid in their continual fight against persecution and corruption of the F.A.T.H.E.R. Corporation.
G.O.D.TECH the movie combines genres of an elitist society bent on control and war against those they see as terrorists. Social unrest and rebellion as those on the outside face daily tribulation to survive in the shadow of urban life. The storyline revolve around elements of scripture prophecy for end times, conspiracy theory, horror and detective style fiction. The movie was spawned from the novel “G.O.D.TECH: Mark of the Beast”.

Release Date: (Select Theaters) December 31, 2014

Release Date: (DVD) June 6, 2016

GOD Tech Interview with Director David John Jeffery 

“G.O.D.TECH Interview”

God Tech, Christian Movie, Film,

  •   Andrew Reith  –  Matthew Corby
  •   Turkan Victoria  –  Mary Corby
  •   Raki Dey  –  Lydia
  •   Conor Mullen  –  Thomas Corby
  •   Maxim Nefedev  – Samuel Corby
  •   Frazer Hines  – Doctor James Sheppard
  •   William Kaffenberger  – Voice of God
  •   Susana Rodrigues  – Carolyn
  •   Emma Fletcher  – Justine Nadine
  •   Yaseen Hussain  – Jack
  •   Ida Mhunduru  – Christine
  •   Karl Pemberton  – Commander Franks
  •   Lauren Simmonds  – Nurse Sue Simmons
  •   Lamin Tamba  – Amos
  •   Helena Parker  – Elaine Fairy
  •   Kieran Donnelly  –  Jason
  •   Tom Swacha  –  Damien / TV Reporter
  •   Guy W J Mayfield  –  Soldier
  •   Dorsey Lunn  –  Angel of the Messiah
  •   Jeanne Marino  –  TV Reporter
  •   Jason Catlin  –  Kevin -TV Reporter
  •   Emily Cooper  –  Soldier
  •   Matt Butcher  –  TV Reporter
  •   Daniel Everitt-Lock  –  Soldier
  •   Jade Fearon  –  Soldier
  •   Yang Kwok-Ho Gordon  –  Soldier
  •   Fazal Hussain  –  Car Driver
  •   Maura Judges  –  Miss Hopkins
  •   Elisha Myton  –  Homeless Person
  •   Kimberly Pemberton  –  Soldier
  •   Ryan Reznor  –  TV Reporter
  •   Zoe Hammond  –  Penny
  •   Alan Cuthbert  –  Piotr Jan
  •   Howy Bratherton  –  James
  •   Theresa Roche  –  Miss Marshall
  •   John Hurley – Skye
Company: Black Light Enterprises
Contact Person: David John Jeffery
Email: Email Contact

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  1. John Hart says
    04 April 12, 1:20am

    Looks as though this could be a winner, looking through the cast list and the only actor we can say we have ever seen before is Michael Wisniewski and he isn’t even on the main cast list, very strange. Can’t wait and see the outcome of this film or even a complete trailer with the actors performances, we hope all goes well and good luck!

    Hart Productions

  2. Lynne says
    28 July 12, 1:09am

    Looks interesting…the aspect of wittnessing to those who have the Mark already make sno sense of course, but the rest sounds quit einteresting & love cover pic…well done!

  3. Johan says
    11 October 12, 8:02am

    Not so sure about Matthew Bastiman…but the rest of the line-up looks fantastic!

  4. Octopussy says
    25 October 12, 7:46am

    I am looking forward to this film. Can’t wait to see Matthew Bastiman!

  5. Niamh says
    25 October 12, 8:09am

    That guy on the left, Matthew Bastiman, looks a bit dodgey, but I hear he was the star of a viral childline advert, be interesting to see how copes with a drastically different part.

  6. Doctor Who Fan says
    09 November 12, 9:34am

    Frazer Hines is in this film. I’m going just to see him in action 🙂

    Doctor Who Fan…

  7. Christian Grey says
    09 November 12, 9:38am

    Interesting to see an idea with Religious Terrorists as the heroes, hope it translates well to film. Think I may have to pickup a copy of the book as I cannot wait until 2014 now.

  8. 02 April 14, 5:15pm

    Hey all,

    Thank you for your comments and views. We have recently had a complete renew of cast for the film so please have a look and leave your comments.

    Kind regards

    David John Jeffery

  9. Essay Help says
    12 April 14, 2:39pm

    Nice Movie, I loved it.

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